Why don't the destroyed buildings disappear?!


Probably another problem you’ve encountered is that destroyed buildings won’t go away.

It’s exactly the same when a unit dies on the battlefield for about 30 seconds and disappears.
Why don’t you do it with destroyed buildings?


Some of them can be rebuilt such as landmarks.

As for the other buildings they’re just visual rubble. I’m pretty sure you can build over them if you wanted to.


Visual debris is useless after 30 seconds.
Someone even complained that he had a fps probad at the crashes.

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Body disappears too fast while ruin doesn’t disappear.

I like the effect of castle ruins. Maybe normal houses’ ruins can disappear after one minute , castle’s ruin can last longer.

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Feel free to bring it up with the devs if there are performance issues.

As for the building rubble honestly I like it as a visual.


So what’s wrong with you? when the game is trying to do well, your opinion goes against it?
I’m fine with the buildings being destroyed but the ruins are still there. it looks dramatic and true to a scene that just went through a battle.


Honestly it feels like people are running out of reasons to criticise the game.


They must disapear at some point because when there are to many of them you can’t see your units anymore, it’s going to be an issu in hight level game play.

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If you’ve actually played with rubble around you’d know its really easy to see your units.


If you have play at hight level, you’d know its not. At least make an option to turn this off.

If you were a high level player you’d be able to see your units.

Yeah sure an option would be fine, same as corpse count.


Building ruins is a fantastic immersion feature. I love how you can tell where major fortifications have been destroyed and where someones town used to be.

On low graphics settings it should probably time out if its causing issues, but keep it as is otherwise.


Most of hight level player play with a low graphic set up because we don’t like to much beautifull feature (usless for the game play). Really if you don’t know problematics we have in hight level, don’t do this kind of statement ^^.

Its pretty funny that you come on here and just assume people will accept your baseless claims of being a “high level player”. You’ve also acknowledged yourself that that isn’t all high level players.

I can point to tons of streamers that play on high btw.

High level players are not unable to see their units without putting graphics lower. They aren’t uniquely handicapped. A lot of them just choose to remove them because they don’t like it/find it distracting.

It really isn’t the same.


I played a total of over 106 hours in the closed beta and stress test combined. and I don’t see any difficulty in finding my units.


Don’t take it personaly lol, i am saying those big ruin can be an issu at hight level because a lot of hight level players (not 100% of them but a lot) play with low set up just to avoid small graphicals feature, usless for the game play.

I noticed it but wasn’t that much annoyed because my games most of the time doesn’t last for one hour. I am saying it after the game played between devs where i can see how that can be an issu.

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I agree with it being an option after all.
And yeah sure it may be a problem for all kinds of people (high level or not) so they should be allowed to edit it.

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Some players can’t understand why they are against it. My guess is because they look a bit off in terms of the size of the rubble leftover and how the castle rubble models all look exactly the same

I like the building rubble and remains and yes in some cases, the landmarks can be rebuilt. I would however like to see dead units on the battlefield last longer. (in the latest stream, they did make this change)

I personally love how the ruins of the buildings remain. Its immersive and it shows that a battle happened.
I wish they had added body decay as well in the game, it was a feature from aoe1 and 2 that I really enjoyed, if ppl dislike it they could just turn it off.
Having ruins of buildings and skeletons around it would make it look even cooler

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