Why in the world hindustanis have acces to halbs

Why Hindustanis have access to halbs while they have the best camels in the game? Many other camels civs don’t have that luxury.


Yes, they probably could do without them.
I think the debate about the state of the new civs isn’t concluded yet, even though I sense the mayority is of the opinion that Hindustanis may be a tad too strong, so taking Halb away may be a good way to nerf them if needed.

Because other camel civs have good cavalry archers, UUs, Infantry or arbalest to deal with camels in mirror matches.

You can deal with Camels with pretty much everything thats not cavalry. And your Pikes, Champions, X-Bows & CavArchers don’t even need to be fully upgraded to deal with Camels cost-effectively. I mean CavArcher is a risky “Counter” anyway, since they die like flies if the camels manage to close the gap.
Also, do we even need to apply “balance”-concerns for mirror matches? Whatever the tools are, both players have the same, so at worst you can field the same camels and trade cost-neutral with the enemy.

Hindustanis camels are way too strong they should revert it to where it was prior. Camels loosing +1 attack is nothing because they attack 25% faster and also this means they can apply their bonus 25% more of the time also leading to less overkill and more efficiency.

That’s a great point, now that they have one of the best Infantry unit in the game they definitely dont need Halbs, it’s too much of a compliment to their all-Infantry composition.
They already have an Imperial Camel, great CA, and more than solid Monks. No need for Halbs.

Hindustani camels are fine, they lost the extra PA which means in castle age are now very weak vs crossbows.
And yes right now the main voice is to nerf this civ but no Mayans or Chinese lol


Not to mention the nerf to their cav archers

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Like every camel civs btw

Because Indians had access halbs in the past? But I think hindustanis should be fine without halbs.

That’s precisely the reason they have halbs. Without that the player who has more imp camels wins. Pretty one dimensional play. That’s also why every paladin and battle elephant civ has halbs.

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then give every camel civ halbs

How many civs are legit called camel civs?

Hindustanis who dont have arbs and whose cav archers got nerfed.
Saracens who have fullt upgraded arbs and cav archers.
And gurjaras who have arguably the best camels in the game.

You can only counter Paladins or Elephants with Pikes and in a limited capacity monks (unless you have Camels, which most Paladin/Elephant Civs don’t), but you can counter Camels with a whole lot of units.
If I’m playing say Teuton vs. Teuton I need the Halb to beat enemy Paladins, but if I play Hindustani vs. Hindustani I can go X-Bow, or Champion to counter them. Pikes would still do a great job. Also you could have backline handcannons.

Hindustanis is the only civ in the game that has no counter to their camels other than camels.

Although tbf once gurjaras have imp UT their counter (shakram thrower) doesn’t work anymore either.


In deathmatch you start in post imp. So you have FU imp camels from min 1. Pikes don’t work here. Neither do xbows or hc. It’s either imp camels yourself or halbs.

To prevent Hindustanis mirror as the same as Gurjaras mirror.

Then if it is to prevent the mirror there is problem with the strenght of the camels being too strong. Sicne they have access to halbs the camels should be nerfed. Look at turks they don’t have answere to cavs other than camels. And they have genereic ones. I don’t say nerf indian camels that much but revert it to where it was pre patch. They still had the best camels and it was bearable.

by your logic why aren’t you complaining about all paladin civs having halbs then?
same situation applies there. all paladin civs have halb to counter other civs paladins.
same here.

Very good point. You are right on this but I don’t get why they are the only civ with imperial camels which makes them the best camels civ and added to that they have 25% faster attack speed. Which is insane. Ethipoians as an archer civ doesnt have that. It is just too strong in my books. 25% attack speed is the same as dealing 25% bonus damage plus less overkill. And by that logic doesn’t turks needs halbs? what if the mirror is camels fight