Why Indians are so weird in this game?

Why they don’t have Battle Elephants?

Why they don’t have their own ship sails but all others do?


Battle Elephants? Balance reasons.
Sails? Probably the devs did not bother, and Water play is already so rare, that there is no point to it.


What is balance reasons?

Why are the devs so ignorant?

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you know, they updated sails recently, indians are not out of the picture


What’s updated? I don’t see anything.

Indians were introduced back when there were no Battle Elephants. The devs back then gave Indians good eco and crappy units. When Battle Elephants were introduced (which are goodish units, arguably better in 1v1s then anything Indians have) the devs didn’t bother to adjust Indians.

Not very much effort has been put into historical accuracy, sadly. Some very silly mistakes were made.

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Indians are so weird in this game because they’re from Forgotten Empires, the first expansion after years from Forgotten Empires, which first started as a mod and got officially implemented later in the game.

They first had Middle Eastern architecture which got changed with their own unique architecture set. They don’t get Battle Elephants because this was a later addition to the game in Rise of the Rajas. Balancewise, the addition of Battle Elephants in the current Indians civ would need a complete redesign due to their big food boni, so not likely to happen.

The best we can hope is that we’ll get an official expansion which adds some more South Asian factions to the game with proper sails and Kings graphics and that the current Indians civ in the game we have will get the visual upgrades from such a DLC.

They updated the Eastern European sails in one of the latest updates to the ones they got in the 2013 (HD) version. It is possible that we’ll see something similar for the Indians in the future.

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But now there are Battle Elephants.

So why can’t they add it now. Why should Berber and Indian Ships look the same?

Aren’t Indians the actual Rajas?


It’s pretty stupid but yes, Indians are the actual Rajas which get at least the Elephant Archer from the Castle. If they had been designed around the Battle Elephant it would have been better but in all honesty, we can’t expect any drastic changes to the Indians civ in the game. It might get renamed after the addition of other South Asian civs but not much else and even this is unlikely to happen.

Tamils with Battle Elephants would be great to have.


pshh water play isnt THAT rare


Indians have the best Farm Boom in the game due to large progressive Villager discount, and have the Sultans Unique Technology which sends their Gold production into overdrive.

If Indians had Battle Elephants, they would be the strongest civ in the game by far. With the way they were built to be a Super-Eco civ, they cannot even have Knights, or they would be the best Knight spammers in the game.

AoE2 is a game, not a simulation, so historical accuracy is sacrificed for gamepaly balance in ALL civs.
There is no AoE2 civ that is in any way, shape or form, even close to representative of their real world counterpart.


the problem is there are many people who learned to play the indians this way, changing them makes newmetas and upset players that must re-learn a civ that they played for years

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ya, it would probably be easier to convince the devs to make a new civ rather than changing an existing one


The problem is the fact that they don’t want to add more civs for now.


They have Elephant Archers if you want to see.


the fact that Indians have a stellar economy and are a balanced civilization as is, who don’t need any buffs.
Think about it this way, Khmer was buffed to be given a great eco recently, and ever since then, due to the power of the battle elephant, they have received nerfs.

Indians, like Khmer have a stellar economy and their tech tree is even better then Khmer is.


Khmer do have the best BE though which is/was part of the problem.


And they keep getting repetitive nerfs. If the devs keep going this way, Khmer players will start begging to lose the BE, and to get a few of those nerfs rolled back. :grin:


Is there Tamils in this game, where are they? I cannot find.

Even if it is rare, why would the devs ignore the ship sails? Isn’t there water in this game? Isn’t there “all tech mode”? What if I want to play as India and trade with Burma by water? I need to protect them with ship.

What is that? Sorry I don’t understand anything other than English.

Then why is it called a historical real time strategy?


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