Why infantery ranged? if its not infantry is oly shock infatery?

can you eliminate confusions?

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they are goon version of shock infantry

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yes but everybody even old players ask if they are only shock or also infantery, and with what you counter them

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Everyone knows their counters , everything that counters goon will counter erk as well , as simple as that .

If u don’t know what counters goon , then I tell u , skirmishers counter goons , archer counter them , most heavy infantry shred them in mele , and musketeers does well vs them in range .

lol, just ask bro, many people just dont knwo how to counter it, unlesss they ask anyone else, tags are extremely onfusing

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They are just goons , they look like infantry , those who don’t know , are Noobs r lol

Bro, He is right, a lot of people ask for aztec units cause they are confusing, also on legacy ppl thought that light infantry was skirmishers instead coyotes.
About tags, they are boosted by some cards and upgrades that boost ranged infantry. This tag doesnt affect any counter system cause every bonus is vs infantry, HInf, cav… not ranged infantry there.

But this is not legacy , there is no confusion about light infantry here , blnow Aztec units have proper tag "shock infantry " , I don’t know what is the confusion now .

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I know, I know but I think that they could do it easier. They could add icons of that unit under the portrait. This would be usefull for some units as rifle riders, mercs, mantlets…

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Eagles warriors are the one unit carrying aztec lategame with their really insane 1 pop efficency when boosted with the damage dance.

They beat musketeers easily on population efficency, but lose cost effectively with their high price of 75 food 75 gold.

Sicne they are fast, high attacksped with good damage when boosted, 16 range carded, and HP similar to musketeer. They are really well rounded and propably the best anti cav in game (not considering broken African dlc units)

Actually they are similar to carroleans but much more expensive, so not broken unlike swedes.

What I have a question about is, do falconets against infstry multiplier work against eagles.

I am just as confused as some others.

Short answer is NO, they are goon type units, the infantry multi has no effect

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Not, they arent infantry, just ranged infantry, a different tag. If you see a skirmisher you will be both tags separately unlike ERKs that dont have it. Lancers dont have bonus vs them neither. You can kill them with canons cause they have less HP and speed that cavalry, thats all.

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ah i understand, thank you. i thought in aoe tags are ike oject orientated programmin with parents and childs so if you have ranged infatry tag you would automatically inherit the partens infatry tag. that seems to be untrue.

thank you for clreaing that up. Eagles are even more amaying than i thought, and they cost 75 food and gold not 90 like i wrote above!

i think it is because they get buffed by cards like the french ranged infantry combat card.


its confusing that they have an infantry tag, but they are not infantry but shock infantery
they receive bonus for ranged infantry, but not damage bonus versus infatry

range infantry is not skirmishers, it is not the same role. range infantry simply means you are an infantry unit with ranged attack, and therefor also includes things like musketeers.


Tags like “ranged infantry” are like the tag of “gunpowder infantry”, “hand/melee infantry” or “archer”, there are no bonus vs “archers” only, and there isnt a bonus vs “ranged infantry” or “gunpowder infantry”, because they are not meant to be tags to have a bonus against, i think their only functionality is to be affected by stat buffs, like cards, technologies, like british that increases team musketeer hp by 15%, musketeer isnt a tag for multipliers, the tag is “heavy infantry”, and the “musketeer” tag in musketeers is only to get affected by that, the same with the portuguese, they have team +15% hp for “gunpowder units” that means, musketeers, skirmisher-type units, etc. So for multipliers, the infantry tags are just two if i remember correctly, the “Infantry” tag that affects all infantry, and the “Heavy Infantry” tag, that affects only heavy infantry, that´s it. You just have to learn to identify the tags, just learn what tags are for multiplier bonuses purpose, the most common are: Infantry, Heavy Infatry, Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Artillery, Mercenary, Villager, Hero, Treasure Guardian, Ship, Building, etc. I think the tags that are not for multiplier bonuses are called “Abstract” tags, something like that, like the “Elephant” tag, but i´m not sure.


the elephant tag apprentaly is used for some bonuses but its very rare and almost always hidden i think.

iirc samurais have bonus specifically against elephants


yes but these should be onIU ont he game, how the hell is going to know a noob player this

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why its confusing at all ? erk dont have infantry tag , as simple as that , did u ever wonder faster infantry training doest affact erk ???

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