Why is the ELO spread so bloody wide?!

Why is the ELO spread increased by 67%? What kinda logical decision was that? let’s mix 1000 ELO players with 1600s… great way to constantly ruin automatch games with just a large skill gap between all the players… what the hell?


I have to agree on this. The change made matchmaking much more worse. Hardly ever getting decent matches and lot of times games are very one sided


makes 0 sense. Can’t even think of a reason they decided it was a good idea. so the top 1% could get a game quicker? Genuinely not sure.

my guess is it was meant to be 6.7% and there was a typo, and those who implemented it aren’t the player base and those that spout on about the changes aren’t really the players who have any idea…

that’s the only logical reasoning I could think of?!

it’s so absurd.


They left game in broken state for too long and a lot of players left the game. This increased match search time. To reduce it back to normal they increased the possible elo range you can be queued up with.


you’re probably on the money… that’s a great way to get rid of the rest of the player base… who’s behind the wheel? they need to get some INTP’s running the show xD


I get even matches 95% of the time. But I only play 1v1 in the 1100+ ELO range.

Is uneven matches something that only happens in team games or at certain ELO ranges?


3v3’s and 4v4’s are WAY outta whack at the moment.

1v1’s seem to be pretty balanced.

I think for a game that usually last for at least 15minutes at minimum, most players would happily wait an extra minute or two for loading times…

Maybe the best solution is to keep the current ELO search range for 1v1 but go back to old solution for team games?

I think so, yes. Although friends often call the search time long, they defined long as anything above 1 minute. To me, waiting a minute for a balanced ELO game is totally worth it. Indeed it feels that higher ELO was suffering in this (as is to be expected in a bell curve distribution).

Most games however deal by this either via
(a) expanding ELO search range as time progresses; or
(b) not searching for player ELO +/- ELO to set the perimeter but stating player percentile +/- 5% player percentile. This allow to search over a broader range of ELO in regions of the ELO that are less populated.

It feels that both A or B are designs that aim more accurately at fixing the problem at there it occurs, rather than a ‘1 size fits all’ solution for the entire system.


yes, (a) makes perfect sense to me!

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I think this is something that is in need of tuning and adjustment over time as the player base increases/decreases so it’ll probably take a while before they find the proper tuning for this to feel in a good place but with our feedback it can help along the way :slight_smile:

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they could just have it so it searches close ELO first, and if taking too long, then spreads… ya know, stuff they’ve been doing for 20 years in games lol

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You highlight the exact problem: They didn’t build upon older games, just tried to completely recreate the wheel when no one asked them to.


That’s what happens.

They changed it to be quicker but honestly they need to change it back I’d rather wait a couple mins for an even team than this mess

I think what we see right now is a transition phase in which quickmatches become more casual and “off civ” friendly, while the real tightly matchmade games are intended to be in the ranked mode.

Those recent ELO matchmake spread changes would also make sense when it comes to waiting times in the future, since these queues are going to compete with one another (if not unified like in SC2) for the same amount of players.

I keep reading “I would gladly wait an extra minute or two.” but I think it was more than 2 extra minutes. Which is still ok for many players to wait longer for a more balanced match. The downside is that of course a 5-10+ minute que time for some players will be too off putting resulting in an even lower player base and thus even longer search time. Maybe they should pull it back some but it’s hard to say.

There is also easy way to deal with this. Give players small setting to tap on if they want tight elo search which results higher wait times. :slight_smile:

I dodge most of my games because the match imbalance so I end up spending 15-20min searching for game because I have to dodge literally that amount of time till the teams look relatively balanced.

And before the patch I spent 4-8mins in que


smart. im going to start doing the same. FIX YOUR GAME RELIC/AOE REEEEEEE