The editor still crashes the game 100% of the time. When you generate a map or copy paste map area, when you create buildings or sometimes even units there’s always a big chance the game force closes. I CAN’T MAKE ANYTHING NOW!

Also shadows and colors are busted. Some areas have shadows which shouldn’t be, some areas have strange colors. And some maps or mods are not even visible anymore like “Dark Forest Arena”. I really wanted to play that map mod.

FIX THE GAME! And turn off the 2sec prompt animation when you try to sell a castle or TC. Should be instant!

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  • BUILD #: 4#####
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  • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Mac / Linux

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I am having a similar issue, I also created a topic about this issue and including a screenshot describing the “black / shadow areas” that the topic creator is describing. The black, shadow areas only appear when trying to move building and units, which makes it impossible to place anything without seeing the ground texture. The editor will often crash the game, but I’m having more luck than some with less frequent crashes

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It’s been almost a month since this post. And still we havn’t got a patch or response by the Age team. I know there’s a new DLC coming the 26th, but that’s still 2 weeks from now and who knows if that will fix the editor. I simply don’t understand why the Age team would leave such a big problem for months untill they adres it. My friends and I play around with the editor non stop to make great maps to play on but we all stopped playing age all together since all of us had instances where we invested a lot of time making something and it just crashed. I try saving now every 5 to 10 min but it’s still terrible.

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