Why Knights of the Mediterranean DLC no historical battle and story mode

Why is there no new historical battle and new story mode in European DLC? Some units have changed and some have not changed. Hope needs production team a new revolution nations needs new modes to be interesting


There are the new Historical maps.
Which seem to be a more flexible version of Historical Missions.
All but one of them can be played in Single Player.


Does the production team have any historical battles related to Europe

All of the new historical maps are centered around European conflicts.


Yes Then after the production team and other official versions are updated, there will be the historical battle of the European Civil War

At last. It’s a surprise, AOE3 never dealt with Europe… until now.

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It’s a bit disappointing tbh. I didn’t expect full campaigns like I wanted but I certainly didn’t expect zero new single player missions.


What are you talking about? There are 7 new singleplayer (with optional co-op) historical battles and 1 new multiplayer historical battle.


Um no. There are seven new historical maps, not historical battles. They are not SP real scenarios in the least. They random skirmish maps with some extra details and optional objectives. Calling them co-op is the nearly the same as calling a Great Plains comp stomp with a friend “co-op”.

When the DLC drops, I invite you to play the historical maps and then go back and play the Bunker Hill mission or the Yorktown mission or any of the previously released historical battles. Then return here and tell me the “historical maps” are “7 new historical battles with optional co-op”.

To be clear I think the the historical maps look cool and I want to play them, but they are definitely not “single player scenarios” in the traditional sense.


How do you know they won’t be just as story driven as the older historical battles? Have you played them already?

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No but I read the official descriptions.

It’s all right. It’s interesting as long as the production team has to wait for the official version to be released before before there are more new European historical battles

you can have a preview of the historical battles on some of the foquitaman videos/streams.

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Ok, now half of my hype is gone. I was thinking in a massive single player content. :pensive:

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I will still buy this to support AoE3:DE development but I think SP content has likely ceased, considering. Such a shame.

I could be wrong, but given the player numbers, the complexity of the editor, and the question of pricing of such content makes me think is why it’s probably not their priority.

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No the foquitaman isn’t not historical battles video she is to more skirmish mode video of release

He is, not she*

I have seen at least 3 gameplays of thr new Historical maps from him.

Link please, mate. Thank you.

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Great Turkish War

He had played Thirty Years War, Russo-Turkish Wars and the Great Northern War but I’m not able to find them now. Search between his youtube videos and VOD Twitch streams.


It’s an interesting game mode, however I still wish campaigns or historical battles had been added so they could be played in single player.