Spearman visual weapon bug gone mad

Hey. Long story short, some civilizations are meant to have entirely different spearman weapon models. Like French, are meant to be holding a Voulge. This isn’t me making some history based statement; it is what is shown in the game. For a split second, you can see these models as they charge into battle.

There are a few civilizations that are “bugged” like this, and despite the amount of feedback on the matter, it seemingly falls on deaf ears. After unveiling the Order of the Dragon today, I noticed that the Zornhau technology, which is meant to equip units with a Halberd, instead gives them a gilded Voulge.



This is quite bitter to see, as there has been a lot of proper feedback documenting the issue, at this point for nearly two years. The fix is incredibly simple, so it has nothing to do with effort–we’ve in fact had a mod that fixes this for custom gamers for as long as we’ve had access to modding tools. I just think it comes across as awfully arrogant to cast this feedback aside, only to use the actual model for an entirely different and incorrect purpose.


Just by the way, the units pictured in your screenshot are actually the Landsknechts with their unique tech that gives them a halberd (bleed damage) from Meinwerk. The spearman units just have golden spearheads.

PS: I’m not sure if it is intentionally a voulge or if it’s because the shape is rounded for graphics purposes.

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Yes, my bad, I thought I had mentioned in my post that they were Landsknecht. But, yes, the technology Zornhau is available to them. It is however meant to give them a Halberd, not a Voulge.

Even its icon shows as much.



I wanna add to that, the Zhu Xi’s spearmen with firelance upgrade, doesn’t visually get a firelance, but the horsemen do.

It would improve the visuals and gameplay recognition if there was a visual upgrade for it!

Also give us the proper chinese spears for castle and imperial age spearmen!!!


We can hope it’s a visual bug, there seemed to be a few bugs (the HRE handcannons had no attack animation in the youtube VODs for some reason)

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Since the voulge is gilded its probably not a bug. Early halberds look very similar to voulges, but halberds have more of a spike at the back.


Oh the voulge iis definitely not a bug, it’s possible it’s a simplified design for graphics or visuals or something. I just meant the Zhu Xi’s spearman not getting a visual upgrade (when the horseman do from the tech) could be a bug.

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Just want to clarify that my complaint here is that the Voulge’s model originates from French Spearman, whom display it when charging. For whatever reason, developers have not fixed this despite the amount of feedback.

So seeing it appear in the hands of OOtD is sour. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have it (despite the technology specifically noting that they get a Halberd), but that they need to fix the bug which displays the wrong Spear for French. It’d be great if they could fix the other spears for other civilizations as well, as seen in the links in my post above.

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It’s seems they fix japanese spear recently, that will be a good start, I hope they will not stop at this start.


I didn’t know this, but that is a great start!

I notice this weapon can only be eqiuped after you select the option named Nagae Yuri.
In other word, this model is also used for increase recognition.


So it is unreasonable that ZXL’s spearmen aren’t eqiup Fire Lance after you select Roar of the Dragon option. Why don’t they care about recognition now?


I will try report this issue as a BUG. But I don’t really confidence in whether they have the extra time to fix this.

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Actually the japanese spearmen have the same bug that the chinese spearmen do, when not upgraded, so they have the chinese spear when charging but the western european polearm otherwise.

Ofc, this is only when not upgraded with the above Yari upgrade, what I could see.

During the charge:

The Chinese spearmen demonstrated their ‘Fangtian halberd’ (a highly representative Chinese halberd), and the spearmen of the Jade Empire should also have this issue.
And the “Fire Spear” of the Jade Empire’s spearmen is only displayed during charge.

The Mongolian spearmen demonstrated their “nomadic style spears”.

The French spearmen demonstrated their ‘hippa/vouge’, and the spearmen of Joan of Arc certainly had this issue as well.

In fact, Ross also has his own exclusive spear model, but it can only be seen in the campaign loading diagram and editor.

As for other long spearmen who commonly use billhooks in CIVs, there are also bugs during charging, and they will suddenly switch to a bare pole billhook without tassel decoration.

In addition:

The “Gilded Warriors” of the Dragon Knights will transform their weapons into two handed giant axes during their charge.

The “Ghazi Raider” of the Sultanate of Delhi will change its weapon into a “bare rod billhook without tassel decoration” during the charge.

The others have not been tested yet.

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In fact, such a MOD already exists. You can subscribe to the adjustment package I created: “Correct Weapon Model”, which fixes weapon issues for all civilizations and units, and updates to adapt to the new DLC are also being prepared.

But fixing these issues should have been the essential job of developers, and I am not obligated to provide them with free labor. Moreover, this adjustment package can only be customized for single or multiple users and cannot be used in ranking mode.