Why no squire for Portugal ? It does seem kind of random

Why Portugal does not have squire available ? I find it kind of random.

There are only 4 civs lacking squire :

Celts (but they got +15% speed as a civ bonus, which correspond to squire + 5%)

Khmer (defitively not an infantery civilization, lacking champion, supplies and the last armor upgrade for infantery)

Magyar (not an infantery civ,lacking the last armor upgrade and I think that magyar player do not need to make champion thanks to their gold free hussarz)

And portuguese. A late game civ with fully upgraded(slightly discounted)fully upgraded champion.
Why is that ? I would be easier countering cav with faster pikeman in the castle age.

What do you guys think ?


i forget why it was done but i dont see any reason to keep it from them in todays day and age.


I would guess because they want Portugal to be extra slow moving with bbc and organ gun.

Maxbe someone thought organ gun halb would be too god elseway.

Also because squirrel is so widely available it is nice to have some exceptions. Makes it unique.like teutons, they are a cavalry civ now and lack husbandry

Ports is my favourite civ because of their feitoria and gunpowder + open tech tree (even thought lack all the really good stuff in imp). I can life without the tech if they give some kind of other buff to this worst civ on game (discussed elsewhere)

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It is to prevent Halbs from being able to protect Organ Guns from cavalry, too efectively.


^actual explaination from one of the devs


seems like a BS reason considering Portuguese are crap atm.


Well they were pretty busted at release

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Organ Guns were amongst the best UUs in the game, when AK released.

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What made AK portugal great was arquebus (heavily nerfed) the original feitoria stone rate and wood cost instead of stone (bbt Spam with sniper accuracy) and organ guns without minimum range (and originally faster bullets due to unnerfed arquebus)

Without these bonusess we are left with very little:

  1. 15% gold discount (better on paper than in reality considering the Portuguese don’t have a power unit to spent it on like siege onagee or paladin and other more focused bonus like Berber cav cheaper in food and gold are just more usefuliin this game. )
  2. Ship HP, useless outside of water maps which is more often than not the case
  3. FEITORIA, useless in 99 case until wood. Runs out
  4. Team bonus, useless in 1v1 or deathmatches.

I know this is the wrong thread, but man am I disappointed that every ■■■■■■ civ got a buff, like Koreans and their new wood discount, teutons, Vietnam, ■■■■ even Saracen. Why can’t the statistically weakest of them all get a buff already. I have lobbied for Months for this buff…

/rant off


so in conclusion they dont have squires because of some archaic balance issue which is no longer relevent? well that can change then…

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I would rather they buff Organ Guns, than give Ports Squires, since Ports is one of 4 or civs that does not have it, which is more unique than FU Infantry.

Ports also have great Champs, with both Supplies and the Gold discount (more cost-effective than Goths Champs, due to having Platemail) for a non-Infantry civ, and I would rather they keep missing Squires to balance that out, vs other generic Champs.

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Or in the game with the choice of Shared Exploration (Unranked, I know. But still)

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Thye Team Bonus is indeed useless, except for Militia rush, but it is thematic to teh Portuguese civilization, since we were master cartographers.

Not only militia rush, but it also helps in scouting actually non explored areas rather than overlapping the scouting areas inbetween allies before market is built that leads to inefficiency in scouting. So Portuguese help in more team explored area by early feudal age.
This also means that you are more likely of finding important things such as sheep etc as you never travel the path your allies have already explored.


While the team bonus is handy in standard rm teamgames, the feitoria becomes even more useless in these settings since trade exists.

Also in teamgames post imp lategame power units like paladins Elefants siege ram siege onagee and arguably hussars are much more important than in 1v1. The lategame civ Portugal has non of these really.

Their team bonus can’t sage grace for Portugal in teamgames. I found them to perform better in 1v1, and even here they the Worst.

Ports were designed around arquebus being borderline broken (and with it the organ gun) . Without it they are nothing.

They still have their early castle age organ gun deathball before onagers ruin evereything and a good imperial age in 1v1 where gold is limited and paladin/SO spamm can’t continue forever.

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I disagree. Feitoria is great if you are on pocket and can easily defend it, as you will be able to tower spam forever. Feitorias are only useless in fast games and 1v1s.

I agree, Ports were designed around Organ Guns in Castle Age being great (Mangudai and Huskarl level of great, a must-get unit) and BBC + HC spam in Imp.
With Organ Guns being so nerfed as they were, Ports usually do not survive the Castle Age, or survive it crippled enough that they cannot effectively use their Imperial options.

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Yeah I think Portuguese problem might be their late game military. It’s underwhelming other than bombard cannons and cheap arbs. Arquebus does solve one of the HC problems but HC are still the frail expensive unit. Also a gunpowder civ with no Hussar is a downer. The organ gun needs some work, they need to be good against skirms for a start. Like why does Hussar+skirm work so nicely against the portuguese “deathball”

For towers they have guilds, I don’t think you can rely entirely on Feitoria for BBT spam in TGs


You can, after you get 5 of them, which is a huge investment and depends on you being heavily protected by your team mate.
If you pull it off, though, you can not only spam infinite Gold units, but can also feed you allies all the resources they will need so they never stop pumping out Paladins or Elite Janissaries.

sounds like a closed map strat for a 2+ hour TG

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No, it can pay off in a 40min game, where all you do is Fast Imp and Walls, until you can place your Feitorias and make a bunch of BBC (which will likely be your only military contribution to the game).

I have actually seen this scenario play off in one of my team games. The Ports player fed me so much Gold, after he got full Feitoria eco, taht I was able to constantly train BEs.
I think I was playing Burmese, but not sure.