Why not make the game a little more serious?

With mods any skin is an option, the second they add something like this, there will be a mod called “consistent classic units” or something like that

It’s also pretty tasteless as a concept, I figure.

The best experiments are thought experiments. :wink:

But thats not what we are asking when we say as an option

Make it so the new skins are the dlc/mod and those who want them have to buy and install them.

That way everyone wins.

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I disagree. If you were selling a campaign pack for $X and a skin pack also for $X to optimize the number of packs you sell, I think it would be better to bundle them. Also, bear in mind that a lot of people who want to use skins are people who enjoy playing campaigns, and want a more immersive campaign experience, so it makes sense to sell something to them that others can also buy. Like personally, I enjoy campaigns usually, but I probably wouldn’t want to buy a campaign DLC. I would however buy a skin pack DLC, so if you were going to make a campaign DLC and a skin DLC for $10 each, I would rather it came as one pack for $20.


You do you, but i dont want to buy skins, or support them monetarily, and if you tie them to campaigns or civs im forced to do so


Would you buy campaigns? You don’t really strike me as much of a campaign player to be honest. I agree about not tying it to civs though, I’m talking for a purely campaign DLC, I think optional skinsets should also be included, to cater to a wider audience.


I love playing campaigns.

I think the option should exist to buy them separately if they do bundle it.

I’m kind of surprised, but they are great, so I can see why. Do you play many of the custom campaigns as well?

So like $20 for a bundle and $12 each for seperate packs or something, so it’s a deal if you want it all, but you can buy more selectively as well? I would probably buy a campaign DLC as well, just because of how high the DLC campaign quality has been. It’s literally been the only thing I’ve done ingame since the DLC dropped, I beat Babur and Devapala in the first 3-4 days, got impatient with Rajendra 3, and started Prithiviraj, where I discovered the achievements cause pain.

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Yes i do.

That sounds reasonable.

I mean: if i have no army by any reason but enemy has, how could i get more vills, to get more resources, to get more army, to again get more villagers?

Every civ have from 3-4 villagers at the start. Defending your city with villagers is laughable unless you play as Burgundians. This civ has the ability to convert their villagers into militias. That way you can gather resources and defend the city at the same time.

So you mean to make towers and walls or just make vills figth?

No…? They can make campaigns only for current civ and I would buy them all. Specially with the fact that there are Civs without a dedicated Campaign currently. There is no need for new civs.

But I don’t want civs, I want Campaigns. I am forced to pay for new civs in MP that I will not even use. And people that only play MP and want new civs are forced to pay for the Campaigns.

But there is no need to be ‘buy skins and get single player content’, they can make Campaign bundles that comes with skins as extras.

Example: West Europe Pack: comes with campaigns, historical scenarios, remastering of current campaigns and skins for West Europe civs.

And why you said “in a game like aoe2 you expect campaigns when you by a DLC” when they are selling Age of Empires 3 DLC without campaign…?

You will always be forced to download new DLC content, if you buy it of not. There is no way for you to complain about this in AoE 2.

For the same reason you are forced to download Enhaced Graphics for EVERYTHING in the game: Engine and tech limitation.

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I think he was referring to villager fighting.

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I’d like to see reskins for all units to fit their respective regions, but I also think that’s impossible to do because 1. it would require a ton of work and 2. it would make the game much more complicated and much less user-friendly. I think the reskins should only be applied to Castles and Monks at most.


Not exactly. You can get a DLC or you can skip it. Nobody forces you to buy it. In fact, eventually those DLCs will be a part of a bigger game. The only drawback (2 actually) is that for that to happen you will need to wait for quite a while and that some might not be there.

This is not Mount and Blade or The Sims. You either buy a DLC (with which you are getting a few civs and a few campaigns) or you don’t.

One condition that I think is massively important : the same unit should retain the same overall colours as the default one to be instantly recognisable.

To retain the example of the pikeman : the default one has a white surcoat with player colour facings. Other pikemen should therefore retain a mostly white appearance, the player colour remaining a minority of the area. For several of your models (eastern european for example), I’d therefore switch the white and blue.


To be fair this is actually something super easy for them to do. They are already doing it every ‘celebration’ month with the Togglable Visual changes of units. Like the venians rams or elephants with spikes.

Next month villagers are going to have boxing gloves!

Really doesn’t seem too difficult to give the option to have black villagers AND have it be togglable on and off.

More I think about it the more it’s upsetting me actually. SNOW MAN AT ARMS FFS!

EDIT: Maybe we can make a list of all the units that have official skins from past events and see how many there actually are.


Easy on paper but that’s at least 25 units (depending if we count regional units), each having 10 new styles. So at least 250 units skins, and even “optimising” for the tech tree (do meso civs need their own skin of cavalry ?) wouldn’t remove much.

With the difficulty of making each unit recognisable and not being mistaken for another.

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What for? This is not an Ultimate Fighter! :sweat_smile: