Why we need "Unranked" Elo

The game would benefit from the option to see “unofficial” elo directly in the unranked lobby (same as was on HD).

There are negative events happening right now:

  1. High skilled players join games that have “beginners / low players / noobs only” in headline
    This ruins the experience for the new-comers

  2. Beginners join “intermediate / good players / no noobs” in headline, they usually quit early
    This makes a huge gap in the game later, leading to quits of others


The game could show unofficial (unranked) elo directly in the lobby.

A display counter could show a limited range 0-1800 or 1900 or 2000.
While actual unranked elo may be higher a display counter will show only its limit.
This is a measure so it won’t get compared to ranked play later.

This feature will help players to set more friendly and balanced games.

Feel free to discuss further!


Maybe a general elo which is calculated from all games played universally.

This one would allow to gauge players in lobby’s that haven’t played ranked games and got no elo there.

At the moment in lobbies you have no way to get a balanced game going. In HD this was better


I agree.
I never played ranked matchs. I tried, but i dont want wait 3~4 min to find a lobby.

We need to show unranked ELO.

Sometimes it becomes a big mess, because an intermediary or noob room does not always coincide with what each one thinks about himself in the game. A noob player joining can mess the match or a intermediate who thinks is a noob can ruin a noob room.

We really need a unranked ELO.
(Sorry for my english).


Unranked elo doesnt say anything. Ranges are completely random. You can better use something like 1v1 rating. That seems to me the best prediction of someones skill level to me. Even RM ratings dont say anything.

It is ashame so many people play in lobby and not in ranked games. The whole issue isnt almost non existing in rated games. You need about 5-10 games before the match making system knows your level. From that moment you mostly get equal opponents.

I will advice the devs they implement something so more people join ranked games instead of the lobby. For me the lobby is mostly to play with and against your friend or things like community games for streamers… If you just want a nice game against your own skilled players and you dont want many struggles to get into a game go ranked ladder. It is really much better than the lobby. It is one of the best additions of DE to the game.

Maybe even go as far as changing the name of the ranked ladder. Just that names is scary to new players. It dont need te be scary, since you play against your own level. Above issues are pretty much non existing on ranked games.

Lobbies also reminds me of HD and Voobly. Getting a new game takes for ever. Noob hosts who dont know how to start, different patches, so one players just couldnt launch the game. Host who just start the game and just someone left. And even with ratings balancing the teams was painful. All these things are gone with ranked games. I did try the lobby system once. It was terrible. In the end i just didnt play any match and went back to the ranked lobby.


Yes rankeds are great but there is lot of people who just dont want to play rankeds(not me over 600 rankeds). But sometimes I just want chill game maybe some really troll strategy so i join lobby i avoid noob lobies. But even when title is no noobs or intermediate, there are people without any rank cause they dont play ranked at all. Sometimes they are decent players sometimes not so much.

So right now only option to make at least somewhat balanced lobby is to kick all unranked players or check their unranked elo on AOE2.net. and ofc its not accurate but its better than one big questionmark.

But what “unofficial” ELO would even mean? I ask that because I always get curious to know how my 300+ hours of exclusively custom games would be taken in consideration to some unranked ELO.

well there would be some starting elo for example 1000. Then after match it it will add or take elo based on your elo and avarage elo of enemy team. (That would be simple way)
Probably would be good idea to consider your team avarage so you could make avarage of your elo and elo of your team then compare it with enemy elo and take or give points. You might include weight system while making avarage if you think 50/50 comparasion isnt good idea.

By custom games I meant custom scenarios, sorry. I’m talking about Cannibal Escape, Horde Survival, FVD, Archer Hellfire, RPGs. All my activity on DE was playing such, and I suck at RM. How would my skill be accounted by a “unranked elo” classification?

Oh my bad, well i dont think there is way to make such games generate unranked elo. :frowning:

certain lobby options in HD would turn the lobby into an unranked lobby, custom scenarios being one of them (just like uneven teams, FFA games, or games with cheats enabled).

Unranked ELO is a silly phrase, if you attach a skill number to lobbies they are no longer unranked. What people want is ranked lobbies, they were a mess in HD and they will be a mess when they get implemented in DE, lol.


Unranked elo (which exists, and which you can already view from aoe2.net) doesn’t even work flawlessly, so showing it would be a bad joke. I have a 69 win streak on unranked, but I can tell you, I’ve never won 69 custom games in a row. Even if you lose, the game sometimes gives you wins (possibly cause I play alot of FFA games).

And cause the games you can play on unranked are so diverse and different than the normal game, the unranked elo will never be telling you anything at all about someone’s skill.


That’s why I asked what this unranked ELO would mean. These are unranked games as well.

If in MM they are not going to include map picking and controll over wether you want to play vs civ pickers or not, then a ranked lobby that shows elo is definitely a must.

Where else am I going to grind 1v1 Arabia? I would appreciate it if you don’t leave me out of the party.


What people want is ranked lobbies, they were a mess in HD and they will be a mess when they get implemented in DE, lol.

Every game I have played was in the HD lobby, you don’t need to exaggerate. Although the elo system is bugged, it still does a reasonable job at creating fair matches. Now imagine if it would actually be without issues, it would do a great job.

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Yeah it is a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s based on my own experience, I played a fair bit of games on HD as well, and never found the ratings useful, many probably did, but most of my games were stomps one way or the other and there wasn’t much correlation with the ratings of the people I played against. I have much closer games on DE’s matchmaking queue, it’s not even a comparison.

I suppose I just think lobby systems are outdated to begin with, no standardization == not a lot of meaning in one’s rank, if I didn’t create my own lobby in HD every few games I encountered were on Fast speed, explored map, and/or medium/high starting resources, your ELO can only reflect your skill based on how you play, and if everyone is playing something different it doesn’t make much sense to compare anyway.

With all that said, I am all for the devs adding a ranked lobby, you probably won’t find me there though.

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I have played hundreds of games in the HD lobby, my winrate is 59% and games feel quite even usually. It’s not like I’m always playing opponents exactly around my elo, often 100 elo higher or lower (I prefer higher opponents).

I don’t expect any magical things… just a place where 2 players can agree on settings and get matched in a reasonably fair way.

Yeah I think this is the problem with trying to come up with a separate ELO style system for custom lobbies.

If I happen to get extremely good at 1v1 mirror (vikings maybe) black forest explored, and get a really high elo, does this make me a good Team Game Arabia player, or anything else people might want to play?

You’d expect the ladder is the proper way to do it, ranked ladder and team ladder. If more people even just played a few (10ish games on it) just to get a rank, it would also make it easier to balance lobbies. (barring a few that might intentionally lower their rank, but that could happen anyway at the moment)

I hate the idea of showing an “unranked Elo” as it would just make the unranked lobby another version of the ranked lobby. What about people who actually just want to play unranked? Now they will get the same pressure of the elusive “rating points” as they would playing regular ranked team games. Unranked Elo doesn’t mean a thing, it will get scewed by playing custom scenarios, playing silly games with friends etc. I can’t see a way to impliment it without causing problems.


While I agree that unranked elo might prevent noobs from playing with higher rated players, this wasn’t really the case in HD. People still stacked their teams there and it was ■■■■ near impossible to win when your team’s elo was lower than your opponents’.

There are players with a 90% winrate (I’m not exaggerating, look up the unranked winrate of your next premade) in unranked who suck at the game because all they do is get carried by their premade teams as well. It doesn’t matter if aoe2.net ranks you as like 2k unranked (like me), and your team has 2 high ranked unranked allies, if your team also has an 1100. You CAN NOT win. Unranked teams are stacked 90% of the time.

Unranked never has fair teams and never had them in HD when unranked elo was visible. Voobly teams were ■■■■ too. Hosts would almost always stack teams to their advantage when elo was visible. And it was a miserable experience.

If you want fair games, play ranked until you get to your true elo, and don’t just get carried by a premade or at least always play with that premade. Otherwise when you try to queue solo you’ll just drag your higher skilled team down.

That’s why it should just be a ranked lobby, but also with the option to create true unranked games if you want just like in HD.

Unranked Elo doesn’t mean a thing, it will get scewed by playing custom scenarios, playing silly games with friends etc. I can’t see a way to impliment it without causing problems.

You forget that mainly likeminded people play eachother. So elo will correspond within their niche. People keep saying how bad such a system is… however I am playing each day, games feel tough and I win some and I lose some… what more do you expect? It’s not like you have to play in the ranked lobby.

Ofcourse the main reason that I stress a ranked lobby is because they left us that want mapchoice out of MM. However even if MM allows mappicking ect then I still believe a ranked lobby will benefit the game, it’s not really aoe2 if it doesn’t have a fully featured lobby.

It’s so depressing that the devs are trolling me out of existence. I have been practicing for years only to be left out in the new game… :pensive:

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I’m convinced that this is just what high skilled AoE2 players do when they get bored. I don’t participate in this myself as I consider it to be malicious, but many many people are known to do this. A hard mechanic to allow players in multiplayer games to combat the problem before it begins would probably be the best strategy indeed.