Why will AI wont increase villagers when I give it 5 feitoria?

The AI just stands with 3 pop in the beginning with which it starts, becoz it have 5 feitoria. I also modified resources and made the feitoria productivity all zero, but yet he would only stay with 3 vills.
How to make him create more vills?

neither it creates additional pop when feitorias are given, nor it carries more wood when wood productivity is increased to clear forest fast and carry 64x wood than normal. Neither both of them are constructive with this AI, I am unable to understand how to make it strong.

You realize Feitorias occupy 20 population space right? So it’ll be pop capped for ages unless you do something about it.

Yes, I did a little work, I let it build 100 villagers which was its max, then I changed ownership from Gaia to AI player of the feitoria which I created from the start of the game. Problem Solved!! Thank you!! :slight_smile:

BTW you replied to a lot of my questions, you take good care of this modding community. Great Work Sir!!