Will AoE IV use Unreal Engine 5?

The tech demo for Unreal Engine 5 looks pretty crazy! Footage from Playstation 5:

In my opinion, you should already know if AOE 4 is already using the Unreal Engine. After Epic said that it will be easy to convert games from Engine 4 to Engine 5. Since AOE 4 will probably be released at the end of 2021, it’s consistent with the release of Engine 5 in mid 2021 (because AOE 3 DE should be released this year). But I don’t know if AOE 4 uses Unreal Engine. :thinking:

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Hi @Darkness01101, From a job posting awhile back it was announced that Age of Empires IV will use a version of the Essence game engine. You can join the discussion here: AoE4 to be designed as GaaS, to use Relic's Essence Engine and gameplay likely to include squads

I’m closing this topic because there is already an active one about the game engine.