Will AOE3 come to XBOX console?

I played AOE2 DE on my XBOX today. It’s really great.
I want to play AOE3 on XBOX console,too!


I also want it to come to Xbox, but I don’t want any of that automanage stuff. I just want to plug a mouse and keyboard in and play exactly like I always do.

How come AoE 2 & 4 got to be ported to XBox but AoE 3 didn’t. Seems to be a good way to get more players for the whole franchise. Or is it possible that they didn’t port 3 because it make their new game look boring and not innovative. AoE 2 they ported because let’s face it they had too, it is the biggest game in the series. The devs for 3 are doing a great job but I feel that they ( Microsoft/ corporate) intentionally ignore 3 whenever something big like this happens

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y eso que significa colega?

They do have corospinding icons for the UI in the game files ^^

AoE3 consists of a lot of content and hotkeys, I don’t think it will work on console.

It’ll work great once I plug a mouse and keyboard into it!

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AoE3DE is fast paced, civs have many different uniques and controls, they are not suited for console controllers.
If you want keyboard and mouse, PC is that simple.

“Just buy a PC” doesn’t seem like a great way to expand the player base into console players.


My stance is this: The more platforms people can play a game the better.


Now, will World’s Edge pull the trigger? I don’t have much hope.

I have played Aoe2:DE console version.
I think “village automation” is a very good design to be used for controller control.
I really hope there will be a console version of Aoe3:DE, or even AoM:Retold. :star_struck:

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They need to test out of the console version of AoE2 is popular enough before they can risk porting AoE3 too.
Porting many games at the same time would be risky if they all don’t end up being popular.

I’m pretty sure AoE3 will follow if AoE2 is actually popular on console, especially since I think AoE3 is more suited for that.

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How would you ever play an rts game with a controller? Like he’s telling me to tie my hands and try to play

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If your playing on console you can simply plug a mouse and keyboard into the xbox it will work. Just change input options from controller to keyboard and mouse… it will also switch the UI to the PC view. Not sure if auto macro is still a feature that way. If so i haven’t noticed it

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