Will the patch be out.. next week?

whens it coming out monday? tuesday?

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Hopefully it will come with Pathing Fix and Persian Architecture fix.


you can check the PUP and see if the buildings are fixed, same with pathing. just a question on when its out

You mean they will keep it the same as in PUP when it releases?

I am convinced that the devs simply don’t care about our architectural concerns at all. Architecture clearly isn’t important to them, or they would’ve made at least one new set by now. What they need is an architecture fanatic on their team.


What they need is more budget not some person always saying something over and over.

More than anyone you should understand how costly it is to make graphics.


If this were some indie dev or fledgling studio then sure; Microsoft’s budget could buy all the gold in the Sahara! And most of the world’s oil maybe.

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Microsoft or indie studio, companies operate to make profit; Microsoft isn’t just gonna magically grant your wishes “because they got extra cash”. This is not how corporations work.

Also, you guys are quick to diss AoE2 devs, but these devs are among the best devs in terms of listening to the community on the gaming market. Many suggestions from the past are now in the game (just to name a few, Poles nerf, Nomad rebalancing etc.).

You guys don’t know for a fact that the devs don’t have new architectures planned as a DLC. Companies generally don’t communicate 100% of their internal projects. It could very well be that in a few months, a reskin DLC will be released.

And you guys should be more appreciative that the AoE2 devs have given us a new pathfinding to begin with, there are gaming companies out there that get away with recycling 1990s code, fixing it here and there and marketing it on the 2023 market. Developers don’t work for free so let’s appreciate that they devoted internal resources to develop a tool (new pathfinding) that will be given to us for free.


You dont have to remind me that those lucky enough to be programmers are the most amazing people on earth and those of us who never can are lucky to live alongside them. I already know this. The coders, musicians the programmers and the official civ crafters are lucky to be so talented and most likely earned that success. Enviable indeed.

Im just saying that this is a company with money and its devs deserve more of it to do more things.

Yes, I learned that the hard way, and now I had to let a lot of people down. If I knew graphics myself, it would be easier, but paying someone for all the work involved is very costly.

Regardless, a bigger budget should be easy for them to get, considering their boss is Microsoft, one of the largest companies in the world.

Gaming is a small part of MS aoe2 even smaller so they would be getting a tight budget to #### ######### dlcs needs to make a good profit to justify doing another so need to prioritize what needs to be added and what gets cut.

Sandy P also said they only got budget to add one new building set when making the conqueror expansion.

First of all, in a software company, there are many roles, not all can be traced back to the umbrella term “programmer”. Many roles are non-coding-heavy such as Management, Sales but also Designers.

Secondly, “programmer” is not an enviable job. It has (in some companies) a good pay, but also comes with long hours, stressful tasks and deadlines. It is not for everyone so I wouldn’t call it “the job of the few and lucky”.

But really if you can’t appreciate the fact that AoE2 devs are among the more generous devs on the software market, idk what to say. I guess in your ideal world, games are given out for free (only problem then is that they will all look like Cookie Clicker).


Except that Persians architecture set is already in game and won’t take more than a minute to implement with 0 money investment.


Hope it’s next week! I’m waiting for the new parthing and monastery technology.

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Architecture sets also serve to distinguish a player fast for people who are colorblind, in big engagements, or for new players (particularly useful in TGs). They also tend to accompany DLCs, for example the Cuman set belongs to 2 civs, Cumans and Tatars.

Not everyone played this game for 2000+ hours, so changing the Persian (an OG civ) set to resemble Cumans could lead to confusion among casual players and new players.

Just saying that what seems obvious to you and a 5-minute task, might not be a shared goal internally for the AoE2 devs for reasons similar to the ones ai listed.

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They changed byzantines and spanish to the mediterranean set and no one got confused.


Byzantines, Spanish and Vietnamese got theirs changed. So no, they don’t confuse people, and they have done it before.

Nobody recognises civs only by their architecture, or else people would be confused all the time by the myriad of civs that share architecture sets.


Maybe I’m missing something here – but if a not-very-well-off fan can reasonably consider paying to have an architecture set made, then it must cost peanuts by the standards of basically any properly functioning company.

You do realise that programming is a learnable skill, not some innate talent, right?

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Thanks for bringing a different excuse to support devs decision.