Will there be an open Beta test?

Hi,I heard somewhere that it is supposed to be an open Beta test. It really Will!


maybe , only if Microsoft would like to test there servers before released ;]


hopefully but i highly doubt it

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I hope so. That way instead of thousands of people complaining about the zoom level, we could have tens of thousands of people complaining about the zoom level.

Otherwise, we’ll have hundreds of thousands of people complaining about the zoom level if they release the game the way it is without a rejiggering.


Hundreds of thousands? That’s a laugh.


Sorry, I meant “millions.”


I think we’ll be lucky to hold 50k


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If there will be an open beta I hope that they’ll add more content and apply what they’ve learned from the closed beta.

Eliot from Relic said there will be an open beta before launch. All of the DE releases had the same.


I don’t think they were open betas. they were free for stream and such but you could not just go to website, get access to beta and start playing

For me it’s less the zoom level but more the camera that seems not vertical enough. I hope that opinion was represented in the beta forums too.

True. We haven’t had a true open beta. Still have to be a registered insider.


Great news bro
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where did he say that? source?


thank you sir!


Yeah, would just like to know if there’s gonna be another beta testing phase before the release in October?

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Not sure but maybe they’ll announce another one on the 24th

They confirmed that they plan to do an open Beta before release.

It’s not confirmed that the next Beta will already be an open beta or when the next Beta will start.

At the moment they already have enough feedback that they have to analyse and than implement that it will likely take a few weeks until the next beta. Doesn’t make much sense to start a new one where nothing has changed to get the same feedback again.

The last beta already had over 100.000 invites so the next beta might be open already. But we have too see.

Next up is Gamescom at the end of this month and it’s save to assume they will have a presence there. The game was announced on Gamescom 2017 after all.