Will there ever be support for Steam: Mac?

These games are great and I am absolutely loving the DE series; however, booting into Windows on my Mac every time I want to play does get old and is definitely blocker to more game time. I am wondering, will these games ever get ported to be supported by Steam on Mac?

In addition, with Apple soon making their own chips and no longer using Intel, I see this as an even bigger requirement because there is no doubt, a large number of people today use Mac and without the port there is a big market missing.



Given that the game is still flooded with bugs, porting to Mac feels a rather low-pri task even if it is considered.

In the good old days there was an official Mac release (the Gold Edition):

I wonder if anyone has played this version and what the experience was like.

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I wish it would happen too. But it seems mac is not compatible with a lot of microsoft app. It requires Dev a lot of work and may even delay the patch update.

Are you using Boot Camp for the sole purpose of playing aoe2? If so you could try Parallels Desktop 16. I have been playing on that for this year. The performance is pretty smooth if enhanced graphics is not a must for you.

Im a new player. Is it possible to download Parallels and play AoE2 DE on Mac?

Not sure if this is helpfull (i have no mac):

I also believe that you probably could have googled this one to find the answer to your question. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean microsoft even force people to use windows 10 to play the game. they’d go as far as cut off other windows to do this you’d think they’d bother to support this game on a competitor platform.

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