Will this game have modern age?

I am really tired playing only medieval civilizations, which looks all same. If this game had progression up to modern ages like in rise of nations, it would be cool. Or at least game mode, which features this besides the classic game…

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No my kind of game but… We will see.

let us surprise ourselves. But it will certainly be gigantic :smiley:

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My crossfingers for ancient/medieval setting


I’d personally want them to go back to the ancient times or medieval time or maybe both that you can play with, and add a bunch of interesting civilizations instead of future or modern day age as I’d say there’re more games with that age in today’s gaming than ancient/medieval time.

And also Age of Empire I consider being the best when it’s set in Ancient/Medieval time, and don’t forget that Relic Entertainment also worked on Company of Heroes which is set in WW2, so I doubt they want to compete with their own game franchise as well.