Will we get some news in 2024?

I sure hope so. Tired of waiting.

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We’ve been waiting too long for AoM DE…

Both AoM and AoE 3 fans are impatient with this fact.

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I’d rather wait a few months longer than have a bloody mess at the release again.
Even though I personally didn’t have many issues with the release state of AoE3DE.

Reworking things like god powers will be a lot more challenging than the more simple effects from AoE3.
I assume they will also add AoE3DE like destruction to AoMR, which will be some work to since AoM didn’t have that.

But it’s not that much work at the end. The big question is when did the development start, latest would be October 2022 but even then we should really see something in 2024, maybe even the release.
A remaster shouldn’t take as long as a new game, especially when they can use the improved engine from AoE3DE.


Yep, I’m guessing they only started working on it after they announced it, unlike the first Definitive Edition. I remember they announced it with a trailer that showcased actual gameplay, which means some work had already been done before the announcement.

(Though they probably should have done some more, considering the state the first AoE Definitive Edition was launched in.)

That said, according to the YouTube channel, Nakamura RTS, Retold will be a remake, not a remaster. So, I’m not sure how much stuff they are going to rework/overhaul, and how much time that will take. I just hope we get some news in 2024, though.

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AoE1-3DE were announced at the same event as AoE4 with no ingame footage of any of those games.

They said the game will be made in the same engine as AoE3DE which is an updated version of the same engine AoM uses.
So it’s probably technically a remaster. If the engine would be too different they wouldn’t have chosen it. There are many better engines out there.

Also AoE3DE didn’t get any new DLC since AoMR got announced so it’s likely that the same teams are working on it.

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Communication is hard for technical ppl you know.
Although you’d love to just get an update or a sneakpeak

Yes, for me they started strong with the development of AoM Retold in 2022 after the launch of KotM, so at this point it must have a year and a half of development, so by June-August 2024 we will already have some gameplay…


Well, I hope you’re right and the same teams are indeed working on it. However, if its Relic instead of Forgotten Empires, I’m not sure how enjoyable the game will be for me personally, irrespective of how much time they take to develop it.
While AoE IV is not a bad game, I did not find it as enjoyable as the previous entries, including AoE III, which is disliked by many. Just a personal opinion.

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I don’t know how it works for remakes but with new games there is usually a long phase, which can be over a year, where only a very small team works on a game.
The preproduction.
Then over time more people are added to the project.
So it could be that a small part of the team worked on AoMR since the release of AoE3DE. But maybe not.
We will likely never know.

I’m pretty confident that we will see something this year. They wouldn’t have announced AoMR if they can’t show anything within 2 years.

Nah Relic doesn’t make anything AoE related other then AoE4.
Relic had to fire off a lot of developers earlier this year which makes it even more unlikely.
Relic uses their own engine for AoE4, it would be really strange if they off all people would be working on a game in the AoE3DE engine.

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As far as I understand, the remasters are only done by FE (plus Wicked Witch for AoE 2 DE and Tantalus for AoE 3 DE)… then World Edge does the marketing campaign… so I suppose the same scheme will be repeated…

And well, a remaster takes less time than a remake or a new game…so yes, a game like this can be made in 2-3 years…

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My dream would be to precede the second trailer or preorder of AoM: Retold with a completely new DLC for AoE 3: DE adding Danes, Egyptians and Greeks civs (greetings to those who know).

Besides, when I returned to AoM: Extended Edition some time ago, I felt its archaic nature. Being able to play AoM on the AoE 3: DE engine would make AoM: Retold by far the best version of AoM that could bring in new players. Of course, I’m counting on completely new civs in AoM: Retold - Abrahamic, Celts, Mesopotamians and Japanese. This game should definitely get DLC first, an American DLC adding Aztecs, Mayans, Muisca’s and Incas civs.

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I would love some insight as well so that the community could give some feedback.

It would be good, but I don’t think they will make intergame dlcs… it is most likely that they will save the Danes to launch them with the Poles in a Baltic dlc and I don’t know about the Greeks, it is most likely that they will make them an Ottoman rev…

Of course, they could even add the Project Celeste team to port the AoEO civs into AoM Retold and vice versa…

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Yes, news on February 23rd, according to Age of Empires Twitter.

link: https://twitter.com/AgeOfEmpires/status/1752754334469627911


link: https://www.ageofempires.com/news/new-year-new-age-announcement/


I feel like this implies that we won’t see actual gameplay.
But that kinda makes sense if the game releases at the end of this year.

But still good to see something!

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I wonder if they will show comparison photos between Myth and Retold, similar to what the they did with AoE3 vs DE. On the other hand I’m not really expecting to see any photos / videos until they release a full trailer. But still curious what is meant by unique unveiling.


I think they want to do something “cool” and “quirky” again like they did with the AR stuff on their last event.
Hight chance it will be more embarrassing then cool though.
But doesn’t mean they won’t also show you some cool things about AoMR.

Comparisons between old models and new models would be something that makes sense and that is also something they can do even if the whole game itself is not in a state to be shown yet.

I’m personally more interested in seeing the human units though.
I wonder if we will get siege crews like in AoE3.

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of course we won’t see any gameplay. quite certain of it and kinda ovious.

i would be happy to see either:

  • WIP screenshots
  • concept art and dev discussion with more clarifications
  • some (new?) myth models and WIP animations

and best all of those.

also the wording really makes me personally at least think that there will really be a few new myth units. maybe we finally get that gryphon who can toggle between walking and flying. - which also could affect other units like dragons, valkyries and such.

While the chances are extremely high that no actual gameplay or even screenshots will be revealed, I do hope they at least let us know whether its coming this year or not. That might give us some idea about how far along the development has progressed since the game was first announced.