Winged Hussar

Expertly done, well trolled. You got me all excited and then I saw them…

Should’ve saved this one for april fools though
Or couldn’t you because Poles are coming next? :wink:


this is an epic troll man.

or it is the greatest hint we’ve ever gotten.


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Opponent players don’t see the wings, right? Very immersion breaking.

I even see two tips here:
Winged Hussar - Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
War Elephant icon (Persians UU from AoE II) - Persians

Could this be a preview of two different DLCs in the future? Maybe after Africa DLC it will be time for Asia / or Middle East DLC and then Europe DLC?
The Winged Hussar and the Persian War Elephant are definitely not a random choice on the part of the creators.


Epic troll indeed. GG devs, GG…


oh the elephant isn’t a bad guess.

Maybe, But I can’t think of any civ in asia that would use elephants on large scale and not already be part of India. Maybe they hint a rework of India alongside a possible eastern european civ?

I think some of you are looking far to into this.


i think what he’s saying is that the unit is called Persian war elephant (says so in game btw), and since its the UU for Persia it might hint towards Persia being added.

btw i think Siam used elephants.


Usa and Ethiopia were hinted via historical battles. Hausa through some other ingame content. It is not unusual for devs to spark interest with such Easter eggs.

What were the hausa hints?

Maybe. Or it it could just a fun event celebrating a new civ unit added to AoEII that many people wanted for the longest time.

They remind me of one of the depictions of the Polish Elears:


Some people are reading way too much into this…


Don’t worry, they can’t.

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probably yes, but it is fun to speculate since we’ve only been told there will be another faction, and this seems the closest to an official hint so far.

all that said i still think faction 20 will be morocco, i think Poland just is more likely to appear as part of a real DLC rather than what seems to be a single civ launch.

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Yeah if free (?) upcoming civ is a smaller one, then it would be weird all things considered. It would be a nice to be able to buy expansion with a big campaign, but I’m not sure they have enough people and freedom to do that. The US was also free as a reward, so it’s a bit murky situation tbh and a lot of speculation.

Happenings in central and eastern Europe support big campaign for sure (you have everyone- Swedish Empire, Ottomans, HRE, Russia…), but I’m not sure devs think it would be marketable enough to a worldwide audience, as a pricy expansion.

I’d love more than anything for more DLC nothing is guaranteed after civ 20 drops. While there was a initial increase in the playerbase when AoEIV came out mostly because AoEIIIDE was on sale the daily charts indicate it hasn’t retained them and now it’s barely breaking 3,000 players which is a decrease before AoEIV came out. Granted it’s only been about two weeks and maybe AoEIV’s shine will wear off but for now it’s best to keep realistic expectations regarding future content that hasn’t been confirmed.


while the numbers might mean something i think people need to relax with the conclusion they get from them.

if the average player plays 2 hours a week then 3000 average players equals more than 200,000 active players.

obviously some play more some play less, my average since launch is about 4 hours a week - i probably spend more time on the forum :stuck_out_tongue: but i also buy all DLC. also all of these numbers are steam only, there are probably also quiet a few active players on microsoft/gamepass.