Winter update coming next week!


The first major patch with 100+ balance and bug fixes comes already next week!


This is good news, I hope my upgrades now do what they say! (I play Abbasids)
Seems like the discord is full of complaints, too bad the forums arent promoted there.
People seem to think there’s not much or no official activity besides these updates.


Good news, but it absolutely needs to include a hotfix for the infinite resources exploit.
Teamgames are unplayable until fixed.

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Yes let’s hope that it’s included in this patch.

Good news. I can’t wait.

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still no word of proper hotkeys FeelsBadMan

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They mentioned hotkey improvements as something that’s being investigated for the longer term.

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Explain. What needs to be fixed here?

yeah longterm, which can mean many, many months, quite a bit disappointing considering that people complained about it over a half year ago already :’(


There are massive forum discussions around this and have been since the beta. Short version, the grid layout system makes it impossible to reproduce the hotkey system from earlier AoE games, and the game doesn’t give you the freedom to rebind hotkeys as you choose. This is a big deal for competitive players coming from the earlier games as you basically need to re-learn everything.

I’ve also found it confusing in the campaigns since the tech tree varies depending on where you are in the campaign. Due to the grid layout, the same keybinding doesn’t always produce the same result, since the key is tied to where a unit or structure is located on the grid and not what it is.

they need to be fully customizeable, like in every game. A simple list where you can give every building, unit, upgrade a hotkey, independent of the grid system. I fully understand that the grid system is there to make the step into RTS for non RTS players and partly also for players from other RTS easier, but it should be possible to decide if you want to use a grid hotkey or set up every hotkey by your own. Currently changing one simple hotkey like eg. vill production hotkey, changes 30 other hotkeys, which is quite annoying.


At least we have confirmation it’s being looked at, which is better than total silence on the topic.

I now understand what you guys mean. But even getting rid of the grid… wouldn’t hotkeys still be civilization specific?

Some could be, like for unique units or buildings. But 90% of units and building are shared across civs, same as earlier AoE games, so they should share hotkeys as well. That makes it much easier to jump from playing one civ to the next.
Point is, have a default setup, but allow the player to customize it as they see fit.

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I wouldn’t have high hopes of having something other than the grid system. Seems like an integral part of the game. But I’m always for more freedom/customization.

In every Age game, maybe. This is likely a longterm discussion for Relic internally because they’ve had a grid-based system in their games for years. Fully-customisable hotkeys isn’t something they’ve implemented in the past decade or more (at least not in the Essence engine, as far as I’m aware).

Maybe they could’ve made it more of a priority, but it would’ve meant bumping other things (that are currently being addressed).

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I am not sure if this teaser without any new infos was necessary though, would have loved to see patch notes aswell :smiley:


Yeah, I was hoping they would release more details too.


Not sure why they hold patch notes so close to their chest. Its not like a new gameplay feature like a civ or something. I want to know when or if colour choice is coming but there has been no word.

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basically game will be out of beta in spring 2022