[WIP]Greatest Age of Empires AI Mods Ever - Black Power Mod is Back!

This AI can be played on all deathmatch and conquer settings but prefers 300+ population Use this with Caution!!! If added to all AI in a game, will lead to gameplay so fun you will never go back. This is my first of many drops. Matches play out very interestingly in the short, mid and long game. Add multiple AI in a game and be ready to experience war, changing sides, friends becoming foes and more. Let me know if more is wanted.

Install Instructions: Unzip in your AI folder. Choose AI in Game. And enjoy 20 years of Ai development on display.

Download - [Custom AI ] Greatest Age of Empire AI Mods Ever - BlackPower is Back!!! file - Mod DB

10 AI Included





5)Malcolm X

6)Huey P Newton

7)Prince of Sydney

8)Prince of Malibu

9)Prince of Soulard

10)Prince of Imperial Beach

I have 5 other AI that are more powerful than these that I cannot get to stop crashing the game. Once I fix those will add them in 8.0.


BE SURE TO TURN OFF TAUNT AUDIO - THESE FILES MAKE THE AI COMMUNICATE AND SHARE INFORMATION TO BE SMARTER>>>> WHICH RELIES ON HYPER COMMUNICATION HACKS IN THE TAUNT SYSTEM… If you hear taunt spamming noises that is why. Consciousness in the real world requires continuous thought. These AI mimic this by streaming commands in the chat to themselves and other civs that each of them have reactions for. So essentially each AI can communicate with each other and have responses based on its own conditions and the conditions of those around them . All of which can change relationships from ally to enemy at any time between any civ. That coupled with a Social Economic Debt system built in using the market and trade systems makes it that each AI can ask for any resource when reserves are low and fulfill any resource request for any civ. If a civ receives more than a certain amount of resources from civ they can request to become allies via the chat. That civ who sent the resources can then choose to accept the ally request or not. If accepted they become allies. In the same vain, if one of those allies gets to big and gets an army too large they can turn on each other and become enemies. Many micro systems like these are implement to keep the AI constantly making breaking and forging new alliances all through the game.

Features Included

  1. Advanced Diplomacy

  2. Economic Debt System

  3. War Communications

  4. Resilience Code

  5. Military Boosters

  6. Better Wall Building

  7. War Treaty Capability

  8. AoE2 Definitive Edition Compatibility

  9. Fixed Resigning Issue

  10. Resilience Improvements

  11. Improved Teamwork Functionality

  12. Human Multiplayer Functionality

  13. Improved Attack Functionality Commands - Will only respond if makes sense or is willing

  14. Now suppots Ludicrous Map Types

15)Now has improved economy

86- Attack

60 - Tell computer to build fortifications

33 - Tell computer to create villagers

17x -enter Player number instead of x to tell a computer to make ally with that player (EX:171 for Player 1)

18x - enter Player number instead of x to tell a computer to make neutral with that player

19x -enter Player number instead of x to tell a computer to make enemy with that player

99 - Active the only cheat to give more resources. [These AI are based on a AI booster mod first published on ModDB and the auto AI generator tool from back in the day. ]

Updates in 7.5

  1. Added 3 New AI - Added BlackWarriorAI, Malcolm X and Huey P Newton
  2. Start from Dark Age Improvements- All AI can now have a better start strategy mimicked from the strategies of the best human players in tournaments from the 2000’s
  3. Transport System Enhancement- All civs now create transport ships and docks. just need to figure out how to get them to use them.
  4. Added New Name Changing Mechanic - AI now shows which boosters and modifiers it uses as well as changes its name based on it’s current state (OFF,DEF,PRESS,STRESSED,PRAY)

Updates in 7.0

  1. Fixed Definitive Edition AI Bugs - AI using this script will build town center and castles near ally’s
  2. Enhanced the Social-Economic Engine - Civ’s now have more systems to drive the use of the market trading and tribute systems to build or foster relationships
  3. Boosted Unique Unit, Monks & Siege Unit Leverage - Adds more intensity and variety of battles on land

Updates in 6.5

  1. Boosted Castle Creation in late stages.

  2. Tweaked Economy for better resource management

Enjoy this holiday present!


Updates in 6.0

1)Now has better AGE progression and ability to play games starting from Dark Age

2)Improved Economy to make the AI more competitive and able to play Standard and Low Resource Game Types

*Please note that this was a prerequisite for the new mods to come. Now that have improved the economy the next release will include a new AI edition and the ability to better use transports. Need help here as today any water maps where transports have to be used are unusable. Also working on a version that does not Spam chat for those who want a version that might be les powerful but also less vocal lol.



Updates in 5.0
1)New Version Included - Black Resistance which is based on the chinese version of BlackPower that was published on AoEHawks chinese Age of Empires II mod forum site.



Fixed issue with UserConst File missing!


This works on human vs cpu as well but only works if you add it to the file of the computer AI you want play against. I converted it over from AoE2:HD. You can also play as the AI that has this mod added and see how it communicates and plans.

You can see the performance of my AI that use this IQ booster. I have been converting from old AoE2 & AoE2HD files. Mine clearly dominate the standard AI on Hard, Hardest & Extreme.

Challonge.com - Link to a tournament showing result of many 8 on 8 battles. Each AI is using the files here vs the AI from the game. I’m am modernizing different old AI to play on the new game. I am currently running this tournament to continue to test and fix old AI. Once done will share the AI files etc here.

Updates in 4.5
1)Three Versions Included - For those who requested all the versions of this IQ Booster we now have three flavors included in this mod: BlackPower, BlackForce, BlackLiberation. Try each of the three on the same AI to see how each effects your AI differently. Only use one per AI as each contains alot of the same code just different approaches and tweaks.

Updates in 4.0
1)New Castle Building - Builds castles in better areas targeting defense
2)Better Team Logic - AI will plan with allies against enemies

Updates in 3.5
1)Better Wall Building - AI builds gates and walls instead just walls
2)War Treaty Capability - When about to resign. If less has than 1 villager/town-centers and large army still live then the AI can lobby its enemies to make peace and begin use army as help to fight with thier new allies

Updates in 3.0
1)AoE2 Definitive Edition Compatibility - AI now works even better than the DE, HD, & CD AI out of the box. If want to make computer AI better add a line for this file in the “AI HD Version.per” file. Can add to any other AI as well.
2)Fixed Resigning Issue - Now has better logic and does not resign unless makes sense
3)Resilience Improvements - Now acts more strategically using new AoE 2 DE logic.

Updates in 2.0

  1. Improved Teamwork Functionality - AI using this script will build town center and castles near ally’s
  2. Human Multiplayer Functionality - Now responds to human set-stance commands in multiplayer
  3. Improved Attack Functionality - Adds more intensity of battles by land and sea

Shoutouts: I have to give a shout out to every code, gamer or player who has took the time to develop AI 's for Age of Empire. I cant credit every developer that has had an impact. From Barbarian to Horde to Mexico to Kozmos to Prince of Uganda to LikeWar and many many more. I have created these AI by battling all of the best I can find on the web and merging and splicing them for over 20 years. From my own ideas to yours. This is for you. Enjoy!


I’d like to know the story of the name’s mod and why it is supposed to be the greatest AI.

I mean, I could say I’m the best player of AOE, but that wouldn’t mean anything if there is no proof of it

Greatest is a lil grandios but I stand by it. These AI beat every AI you face them against. See for your self. Plus these AI do things I have rarely seen any other Ai do. Leverage a debt based system using the tribute, trade and diplomatic systems. They tribute when asked. They make and break allies based on many strategic factors like size of military population. Amount of dollars received and more. I mean just check the details on the functionality of these AI. Where else have you seen that?

hey this didn’t work for me. I put it under local mod AI structure folder and choose any of the AI that comes with it, it just says error file UserPatchConst.per fail open.

Just fixed this and rolled out the new 8.5 edition. Please download and try again.

this do not work i put it in resources then ai folder pasted it there
thy do appear in game i get this error

Thanks for calling this out. I forgot to add the new file to the folder. Should be fixed now! Enjoy…

Coukd you give a short overview whats the key features/differences betweeem the ais included please.

Sounds like an amazing ai to simulate diplo games.

Can this best barbarian or that newer ai with the insane micro with franks? It doesnt have to be the strongest ai to be the most fun thought

Is it me or this thing is total trash? I tried different AI version included in the package, they either don’t work as intended (I suppose, same error as reported by Mauyed), or they just cheat by giving themselves 10k or more resources of food and wood. I tried a game with one AI (for example BlackPanther or BlackMessiah or BlackWarrior) against 3 other standard AI, but what’s the point in giving AI a huge advantage by just gifting it a huge amount of resources? Bah, as I said either I don’t understand how to use this mod properly, or it’s just trash.

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hello,i am new at this sorry if my question is stupid,but bow do i use this bot i would like instructions for a noob like me