Wonder Mod

Is there a mod where building a wonder adds 2 or 3 civ bonuses? I was just thinking that it justifies and provides incentive in building a wonder in a non wonder race game.

If there isn’t one and someone is interested in making it, we can use this thread and develop one. FYI, I can’t mod to save my life so I can only help with suggestions and so can everyone in the community.

These are some of my ideas for Civ Bonuses upon building a wonder. But if a Wonder is destroyed, the bonuses disappear and/or grays out. But as long a wonder is standing, the bonuses will be available:
(Feel free to add or correct anything). Also this mod should remove timer aspect of a Wonder.

As a side note, Wonders can also be a good way to introduce new units to the game. Please remember that Wonders can only be built at the Imperial Age so any early or mid game effects don’t matter. Wonder benefits are suppose to make you civ a little bit OP making the urgency of destroying enemy Wonders and defending yours very important in late games

Jaguar and Eagle Warriors line +1P Armor
Adds 20% Movement Speed to all Infantry units
Adds Xolotl to the Barracks (Cost 30 Food, 20 Gold)

+15% Movement to all Mounted units
Camel Archer Adds +2 Range
Less 25% Wood cost to all ships

Longbow Men +1P Armor
Archer Line gets 100% Accuracy
Wood Cutters work 15% Faster

Dismounted Konnik Infantry +1P Armor
Scout Cavalry line +1 Attack
Stables work 15% Faster

Battle Elephants move 10% Faster
Parthian Tactics affect Arambai
Monks Heal 50% Faster

Cataphracts +2P Armor
Bombard Towers fire 2x Faster
Trebuchet Projectile speed increased by 50%

Archery Range Units move 15% Faster
Villagers repair siege weapons 2x Faster
Rams Garrison 2x more infantry

Wood cutters work 30% Faster
Adds 10% More from Tributes Received
Chu Ko Nu available in Archery Ranges

Steppe Lancers +2 Attack
Kipchak trained 25% Faster
Gold Miners work 20% Faster

Archery Range works 35% Faster
Shotel Warrior +1P Armor
Thumb Ring Affects Skirmishers

Cavalry Archers Trained 25% Faster
Throwing Axemen +1P Armor
Gold Miners work 15% Faster

Archery Range work 50% Faster
Farms make +15 more food
Arson becomes available

Cavalry Archers Trained 20% Faster
Tarkan +2 Attack
Generate 200 Gold for every building (Except Castles and TCs) destroyed

Adds +2 Attack to Slingers
Adds +1 Armor to Kamayuk
Amazon Warrior and Archer Trainable at the Wonder.
Cost & Stats changed. They only use up half pop each

Elephant Archer Trained 25% Faster
Parthian Tactics affect Elephant archer
Camel Rider Line +2P Armor

Samurai moves 20% Faster
Petards +2P Armor
Cavalry Archer 100% Accuracy

Battle Elephant +1/+1P Armor
Ballista Elephant moves 15% Faster
Houses can fire 1 Arrow if garrisoned

Turtle Ships +2 Range Attack
Turtle Ships +20% Movement Speed
Bombard Tower +3 Range Attack

Castles work 25% Faster
Leitis +1 Range attack
Stables work 25% Faster

Scout Cavalry Line +3 Attack
Magyar Huszar +2 Armor
Farms work 20% Faster

Karambit Warrior +2 Attack
Docks work 50% Faster
Barracks work 30% Faster

Gbeto +1P Armor
All Infantry +20% Attack Speed
Stable Units Train 30% Faster

Trade Carts carry 50% more gold
Plumed Archer +30% Movement Speed
All Archers +2 Range attack

Cavalry archers and Mangudai +20% Movement Speed
Thumb Ring affects Cav Archers and Mangudai
Stables work 15% Faster

Battle Elephants unlocked at Stables
Thumb Ring affacts Hand Cannoneer
Farms +50 Food each

Feitoria Pop cost -50%
Caravel +3 Attack
Thumb Rign affects Hand Cannoneer and Organ Gun

Mameluke +1 Range attack
Camel Rider Line +2 Attack
Docks work 40% Faster

Spearman Line +1/+1P Armor
Castles works 50% Faster
Siege Units +2 Armor

Conquistador move 25% Faster
Conquistador fire 40% Faster
Missionary trained 50% Faster

Thumb Ring affects Cavalry Archers
Keshik 2x gold generation
Flaming Camel affects buildings and farms

Tuetonic Knight movement speed raised to 1.0
Barracks works 25% Faster
Rams move 30% Faster

Thumb Ring affects Gun Powder units
Castles fire multiple hand cannons instead of arrows
Bombard Cannons and Galleon projectile move 40% Faster

Ratan Archer +2 Attack
Battle Elephants Trained 30% Faster
Battle Elephants Cost Less 45% Food

Docks work 35% Faster
Berserk +20HP
Longboats can carry up to 16x Infantry or Ranged units (No Cavalry)

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There are mods for the vanilla game with such features.

wonder upgrade