Wonders in Ranked matches

Hey, here is a suggestion to make Wonders a part of Ranked matches.
Wonders are a very nice and unique element in AoE2. In Definitive edition, the updates graphics are amazing, which in a way may give even more value to Wonders. I play nearly only ranked matches and miss using Wonders in some games. If Wonders can’t be used to win the game within a time limit, which is fine, they may find a different use in ranked matches which doesn’t break anything, such as giving access to an extra civ bonus while the Wonder stands ? Which may be a team civ bonus. Not an enormous bonus, not something that breaks the game, but that can be worth building the Wonder for depending on the game. Perhaps, the cost of the Wonder may be adjusted according to the value of this bonus.
There may be some other way, to make Wonders a part of the game in Ranked Matches, which some players such as me may consider the main way to play AoE2 now. This could involve bringing back the default win conditions to Ranked match, or gi
Thank you for reading.


Recently I was playing a game that got a bit long and both me and the opponent (likely a beginner as well) found ourselves on an impass. So I decided that going for a wonder victory would be a solution to breaking the stalemate. Sure enough, I managed to build it only to realise, after it was completed, that absolutely nothing happened.
Good thing I built it in a corner where the opponent never saw it :sweat_smile:

Needless to say I was quite surprised at this. It removes one of the victory conditions from the game and all of the strategy behind it. Can’t help but feel this makes these games more predictable by funnelling them into less ways of winning them. Is there an actual reason to this that maybe someone more experienced than me is aware of?

It is absolutely no fun to lose to someone who builds a wonder behind 30 layers of fortified walls, ranked matches have always been played on the “Conquest” victory setting.


If you allow your opponent to reach a point where not only he builds a wonder, but surrounds it with 30 layers of fortified walls as well, don’t you deserve indeed to lose?

This has been discussed before. I remember a very long thread about it a few months ago.

Here it was

@ProMeTheus112 i think that’s a great idea! Im always pushing for everything to reach its full potential instead of things that are sometimes just place fillers for corner casest… Like stupid hun tech atheism

This isn’t that hard to do in team games and there’s really no positives to it other than wanting to see pretty buildings