Wonders in team games

After some team games, I find Wonders too cheap and too strong for team games, especially 4v4. The cost is the same as for 1v1 but a 4 people teams generates 4 times the resources that a single player does and yet, the cost of wining through a wonder is the same. Also, 8 player maps are huge so the time you need to reach the wonder is much longer. In very defensive maps, the strat of walling off and rushing a wonder makes the games less interesting and pretty annoying in my opinion. I expect AOE4 matches to be decided in great battles and fighting for strategic locations and resources. I like the sacred site victory condition. And I think that wonders can solve stalemate situations. But please, adjust the cost to the number of players to make it equally expensive to win through wonders in 1v1 as in 4v4.


Unless you play 1v1 every time. Almost every game is defend or destroy wonder. Actual game ruiner everyone is abusing it with desperation. no actual fights. creating toxicity, rush, etc

1v1 sadly became boring pretty fast without ranked or so. you can just farm newbies with french or rus. with fast pushes.

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There is a rating, you can look up the leaderboard and see your elo and ranking. I’ll save you the time - your 1vs1 elo is 998 and you are currently ranked 12491.

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There is an elo system even in quick match, and I agree with the wonder issue but only for blackforest, its way to east to just defend with massed siege and walls, doesnt really work on open maps due to the massive cost, you’ll just fall behind.

Why don’t u make wonder urself ??? Wonder is there to stop game from stretching endlessly .

Just had a game the opponent are premade vs my solo players team. The map was mongolian Heights, what they did is just walled everything and built the wonder. 15mins not even enought time to break the 2nd layer stone wall. While they made several layers and built keeper around and get the easy win without even attacking or doing any map control.


There’s an option to remove Wonder victory and besides if the opponent team has the time and resources to build a wonder without any issues, then the other team is way too defensive and not playing right in my opinion.

A wonder costs a lot to build and requires many villagers to build it fast, so you have more than enough time to react on it and move your army to the place. I agree if you play with random people, it can be difficult to attack together as not all play as a team, but those games exist everywhere I’m afraid.


i thinl that s the old issue come frm AOE2 discussion, and that s why this victory is already long time ago over there, i really dont understamd why do they bring this up again.

It’s in the game to prevent 5+ hour long team fights that would happen in 3v3 or 4v4 without a wonder victory. Wonder victory rarely happens in 1v1 due to the nature of being more difficult but with more players on each team, people play more defensive and longer matches happens (most of the times).


you know yo can desactivate the wonder victory?

15 minutes is fine in smaller maps, it’s enough for you to mass an army to destroy it, if you make good preparations of an army with many cannons.
What I find unacceptable is huge 4v4 maps share the same timer as well, even walking towards the wonder(which is usually built at the opposite map corner) alone can take me 5 minutes, and before that I also need 5 minutes to react to it and prepare an army with sieges.
On 4v4 map it should to be at least lengthened to 25 minutes to make up for the distance, the difficulty is simply not the same,


Just play with it off?

yes, in 4v4 the map is super large, also some kind of the maps you can have many layers of wall which is really hard to stop the counting.

I understand where you coming from but at the same time the counterargument for that would be that, you and your team mates are not only notified when the enemy starts the construction of a Wonder but also have time to prepare for an attack while they are building it.

I believe that the 15 minutes once the Wonder is completed, is fine and is not the real issue here. The real issue I believe is the lack of communication & lack of team-play whenever you play with a full random team which is to be expected as not every game will be great in that regard to meet up together and attack as a team. Most of the times, people attack alone or don’t do anything but continue to build their base defensively.

And last but not least, if you let the opponent gather that much resources then people are playing too defensive, and granting that time to be converted into a Wonder being built.

The truth is that if you choose to play with a full random team, you cannot expect to win all the time due to the above reasons and also you can turn it off if you don’t like that win condition so it’s really not an issue here. Ranked play I hope you are in Discord and play with friends who can communicate with each other to make those problem go away.

Anyway these are just my opinions on it.


I hope in the future ranked system they will sperate solo players and premade team in different queue and elo calculation.

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Sacred Sites counter wonder victory. As soon as Wonder is built by enemy, if they wall and you have mapcontrol you technically have 5 Minutes to take all sacred sites.

To be fair, its more difficult to hold the 3 Sites, but yeah it counters the wonder pretty effectively depending on the map.


Yes I didn’t even think about this. It all comes down to what you and your team are doing before, during and after the Wonder has been finished building. When you think about it, you have enough time to prevent a Wonder from being built since the start of the game because you know that a 3v3 and 4v4 match will go down to a Wonder being built at some point so have to take that into consideration.

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While the Wonder is being built you also have the opportunity to snipe the Landmarks of one of the players, so that their defenses are substantially weakened.


This. 100% this. The sacred sites victory is 10 minutes vs. 15 for wonder victory. I wish I knew this when I first encountered a wonder victory, as it forces the turtling wonder player to come out and meet you.

I was annoyed when I first lost to a wonder/sacred site victory, but I just adapted these into my strategy now. After considering these victory conditions more carefully, they’re actually quite well thought out and keep the games interesting. Ok

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Passives games lead to passive victories. Make sure you are actually trying to presure, raid and attack your opponent and they will never get this opportunity.

The wonder is extremely expensive and if you have just sat in your base and let the other team build a wonder, what do you expect?

That being said black forest is not the greatest map.

Also as mentioned, the sacred site victory is shorter than the timer for building a wonder.

Non pre made teams will almost always be at a disadvantage.