Words can't describe how disappointing ROR ended up to be

should have known since you being ambiguous till the last 2 weeks of the dlc release was a clear hint… but oh boy !
even the editor don’t combine ROR and DE assets what a wast of potential you clearly missed the shot for the dlc by a mile.


They can fix the mess if they start listening to the community and fix the stuff bit by bit

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what a disappointment it’s like let’s do everything but what the community asked for

Little edit, listening to the AOE1 community.

I mean this is the AOE2 forum, of course the players will want AOE 2 features, UUs, etc. Some of the new stuff isn’t good.

But overall a lot of things wrong with AOE1 haven’t been touched. I need to play a bit and refresh my memory as to what exactly is needed. It’s gonna be a long post as well, can’t write essays so it’s gonna be in the coming days.

will wait for that. what was choking for me tho is the separate editors, you can’t evenmerge DE and ROR assets so mods for ROR will work for this mod only… a total wast

Ye, it’s real bad. I want the gaia units from AOE1.

I hope they will start putting in the work, cuz more cash grabs from Microsoft (come on, you;re richer than my entire bullcrap country) will not be tolerated.
They had 25 years, they have to know what to do, iff they are unsure go watch Sandy Petersen and Ensemble studios videos on AOE. They did it with AOE2 , they can do it with AOE1.

I want to like the DLC, but sadly currently I’m unable to like it. They’ve gotten it wrong for the most part.

I also hopeed to have the assets at least in the scenario editor. Maybe it will come later.

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Merging AoE1 and AoE2 is not that easy.
AoE1 has a different unit scale, just look how big they are compared to AoE2 units.
Also AoE1 uses completely different armour classes in a completely different way (unless they changed that in RoR) so the units would require a lot of triggers to make their stats work.

But I do agree that they should add units and building from both games into the other game, it’s not that hard to find reasonable stats for them.


no one said it was, doesn’t mean you should mishandle it like they did, what they did is the easy route, make everything separate thus you don’t have to maintain or update the new features.

To be honest, I played the first Sargon level and it was a lot of fun. On moderate difficulty tho, don’t want to get too stressed :smiley:

AI has improven a lot, but that’s a given, because it’s the main reason why they switched to this engine.

Ofc it’s not without it’s problems, for one archers without ballistics can never hit any moving target, the accuracy can be improved by litle.


They never said the games could interact, they always said they were separate.
They also gave creators early access to the DLC so everyone was able to find out what was included in the DLC before buying it.

I personally wished there was a crossplay mode, I mean I made threads about that months ago:
AoE1DE should become an AoE2DE Expansion
Detailing how I would balance a crossplay mode.


Can someone actually articulate what’s wrong with it? I have just gotten home and am about to launch it for the first time. Other than some missing assets ( I couldn’t really care less) and not being able to mix units from the stong age with units from the renaissance in the same scenario (again I don’t care) what are the actual issues with this? It seems like they were pretty clear with what they said this was going to be since at least a month or so ago. Is there something missing from this that they had stated or implied was going to be included?


Mixing Stone Age and Renaissance makes little sense for sure.
But mixing Late Antiquity with Late Antiquity seems more reasonable doesn’t it?

Many AoE2 unique units are based on Late Antiquity (Celtic or Bengali UUs for example) and Late Antiquity Buildings (especially East Asian ones) from AoE1 fit well into AoE2.
AoE1 Asian buildings look more Chinese then AoE2 Asian buildings that are mostly Japanese looking.

I was wrong about the tile Size issue.
If this building can exist in both game modes (and so do some others) then all buildings can. We already have some buildings that look kinda wrong scale in AoE2 (like some wonders having small trees in them).

Also the units are exactly the same size.
Just the Broadsword does somehow look different in RoR compared to the one in AoE2, both in texture and in pose.
(I angled the Priest slightly different on accident)

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I mean yea sure, but they never really stated that this would be part of the DLC though, so saying this release is somehow really dissapointing implies you kinda may have had an overinflated expectation? Also judging the whole release by something this relatively trivial and non-essential is kinda unfair imo.


This topic will revert eventually to the weird historical “Were the Scythians Indo-Aryan race, the renaissance or the dark age is more appropriate to Roman Legacy etc.” discussion…

I suggest we discuss actual problems with the game. Simple Google search gives you 100% of the historical information needed.


My only disappointment is RoR costs nearly the price of AoEDE, yet nothing happens to anyone who love and bought AoEDE.

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I personally knew they would be separate because they said so.

But why shouldn’t they add all the AoE1 units into the AoE2 editor, it’s not that many (ignoring all the Heroes and such).
Many units would fit perfectly into AoE2 and in some cases even look better then AoE2 units for some civilisation. Composite Bowman look more Japanese then Arbalester for example.

And then add some of the AoE2 units into AoE1. Of course not the modern Imperial Age ones, and especially not the Gun Powder ones.

Yes this all might be a pet peeve of yours, but it hardly makes this release dissapointing. When I first came to the forum and saw this alarmist heading I was worried the DLC was broken on arrival or some sh1t.


Not even the cheat units are available in both games.

Although I’m liking the campaigns so far. Just that makes it worth the DLC for me. But yeah, they could’ve done much more

People always overreact, they randomly say the game is totally broken and uplayable because one unit has 1 pierce armour too much for their taste or something.

But I do agree with the author of this topic that this is a huge missed opportunity.
Being able to make scenarios like that without having to use mods would be really awesome. Datamods are always annoying to deal with.
Having the ability to use AoE1 assets and AoE2 (and the other way round) that are already on your harddrive without making people install a Datamod that brakes after every patch, would be nice.