Would like to see this trigger condition added to the map editor

I’d really like to see a trigger condition added to the map editor where each time you kill or destroy one unit or structure of a certain type activates the effect. It could have the following uses:

  • Each time you destroy an enemy house, you gain resources to represent plunder.
  • Each time you kill an enemy unit of a certain type, you gain a bounty of gold (or food, or any other resource you can imagine).

So far, I haven’t seen such a condition in the map editor. If, for example, I wanted enemy houses to give you plunder, I’ll have to make a trigger affecting each individual enemy house on the map so that destroying it gave you the plundered resources. You can imagine how unwieldy that would become.

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Is there no way to implement a counter system?

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You can somewhat achieve this using Objects In Area condition with the Dying State (For some reason Dead/Remove does nothing)

The first problem is the quantity. Now the dying state only lasts around 9-10 seconds so we can use that. Add a Conditional Join with a Timer of 10 seconds to the trigger and it works. There are two other problems though.

The small problem is if you destroy multiple houses at the same time, you will only get 1 trigger.

The big problem, you don’t know which player did the razing. So only really useful for single player. But if you don’t need to know that, then you could definitely use this.

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A more complex way you can achieve a similar result is by using Accumulate Attribute / Total Value of Razing

Basically, using a few triggers

Trigger 1
If total value razing > 0 AND total value razing <= 100
Trigger 2
If total value razing > 100 AND total value razing <= 200

Trigger 3… etc.

If accumulate attribute razing = 1
   Modify Resource subtract 1 razing
   Modify Resource set total razing value to 0

Basically you can give a “plunder” doing different effects based on the value of the razing. It’s not exactly what you wanted but close enough. I haven’t tried it but it seems to be doable.

The trigger order does matter here though unless you activate the triggers manually in TriggerRazing

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