Would we get more nomadic civs?

We’ve got Mongolia already. AOE2 has got Xiongnu. Would we get Xiongnu or Xianbei in the future? Nomad civs are quite fun to play.

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Cumans would be cool considering their connection to the Rus.

I hope we get one more at some point.

No. These peoples disappeared before the middle ages.

At present, we need more civilizations such as Turkey, Byzantium, Spain, Japan, Aztec, Inca, Poland, Italy, Berber, Ethiopia, Thailand and Khmer.


Yes they are, but you have to find a civ that fit the timeframe of AOE4. Most nomadic civs (certainly the two you mentionned) are much more ancient. They woud rather fit in a DLC of AOE 1 DE.

I may be wrong but I think that the only successful nomadic group strong enough to face the great powers of middle ages are the Mongols. May be the Turks who should be added could be nomadic until the end of castle but not in Imperial.

Kipchak, or as someone calls, the Cumans was firstly recorded by Russians in 1054. I thought it can be added with some other civs in the east Europe.

How about the Timurid Empire?


No bad…But Timur seems to be a Mongolian?

Agree. Remember Turks are the only hybrid civilization in the AoE 4 timeframe, so YES they are nomadic in Age 1, transition in Age 2, and settled empire in Ages 3 and 4.

This is a revolution in gameplay style possibilities, the civ could be at least as interesting as AoE4 Mongols, potentially the most interesting and diverse civ of all.

Plus a medieval / early modern game about Empires without Turks is a FIFA 2021 football game without Brazilian players :brazil: :soccer:

Yes. But it’d say nomadic in Age 1, transition in Age 2, and settled empire (Seljuk, Ottoman) in Ages 3 and 4 would be great in terms of historical content and also amazing gameplay design.

Timur, the only nomadic commander to surpass Genghis Khan as a tactitian, was from Barlas tribe, mostly Turkic tribe. He was Turk not a Mongol, that’s why he had to famously marry a Mongol wife to earn legitimacy to command Mongol armies together with his elite Turkic armies.

This Turkic absolute genius of warfare (but also genocidal in Mongol style) destroyed Toqtamish, the last great Mongol commander in the world (of Tatar Golden Horde which enslaved Russia). That’s why Russia is finally able to exist as an independent nation at the end of AoE 4 time.

Timur is a fascinating personality but the Timurid empire was extremely short-lived as the Mongol Empire.

The Turkish empires as a whole, to which Timur is also closely connected, especially the Ottoman superpower which was a world power until World War I, are infinitely more important in so many ways than Timur & Mongol.

It is essential to remember that, while Timur destroyed the last Mongol states in History, he was also a nomadic cav-based commander. Nomad cav still absolutely ruled the battlefields.

It was only the Ottoman invention of the matchlock musket in 1465 in Edirne, Turkey that totally changed the world forever. OTLUKBELI 1473 was one of the largest and most consequential battles in all history, of all times. Uzun Hasan, another Turkic warlord who took over all Timurid armies, gathered a massive army to invade the Ottoman lands. But he didn’t know of the Ottoman musket. The massive Turkic/Mongol-style cav archer had utterly dominated the world for 300 years but was MASSACRED by the Ottoman cannons and Ottoman Janissaries with matchlock muskets (the world’s first modern army that is the base of all Age of Empires 3 armies) in Otlukbeli 1473.

Mongols had already disappeared from History, but now in Otlukbeli 1473, nomadic cavalry domination finally disappeared from the world forever, destroyed by the middle-sized, growing Ottoman Empire. The gun would have consequences in all 5 continents of Earth. Notice this was well within AoE 4 timeframe that goes up to 1650.


I don’t reckon they are the only semi-nomadic civ. If the devs decided they wanted a mix of multiple nomadic and semi-nomadic civs, candidates could be: Berbers as another fully nomad civ. The Turks, Magyars, Goths, and Cumans could all be semi-nomadic I believe. These are just AoE2 civs, because I’ve only really looked into those, but I think that these could all be options.

Romani and Polynesians could be cool nomads.

Polynesians: Can transport buildings over water
Romani: Can put units in building carts

Just a concept though

Edit: please don’t say the g word

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I agree, Turks has to be there, I hope that they are in the first DLC or expansion or whatever.

For the nomadic part to be of a real gameplay interest, I think that age 1 only is not enough. May be nomadic in Ages 1 and 2 and a kind of transition in Age 3 would be fun and at the same time, not that far from history. Part of the thing to do for that civ in Age 3 would be to settle, may be the first condition to advance to age 4. The second condition would be the usual choices of landmarks.

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Cumans were one nomadic tribe subjugated by kipchak tribe. The famous mask helmets, used as cuman symbol in aoe II are kipchak not cumans. And before being recorded by rus, cumans are mainly famous for having constitued the elite of mamluks which later ruled the sultanat. Or as several mercenaries for bulgarian empire. Even ethnically Cumans are speculated to be way different of kipchak.
It’s a bit like mismatching goth and huns because during the great migration goth were subjugated, conquered, leaded by huns and fighted for them

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would be good to involve the vikings considering they are technically already in the game (norman campaign), I would really like to see Aztecs you could do plenty of cool things with them, the celts are also very iconic and would be pretty cool to me, this is just my opinion im open to any ideas but for the most part im just excited to play the game at full release.

Xiongnu? You mean Huns?
Because there’s still no confirmed connection between them.

If you’re going to do it, you’d have to do it in a way that doesn’t undermine the Mongols, and is different to the Mongols, because that’s their thing…

Maybe, but they’re either not qualified/available, not truly hybrid, or not in the same league as Turks.

Goths don’t belong in AoE4 timeframe. Magyars were Uralic tribes subordinate to Khazar Turks who later moved to Hungary, and Hungary (though famously strong militarily) was totally destroyed by the Ottoman Empire at Battle of Mohacs 1526, so Magyars were under Turks again. Cumans were a Turkic nation mostly under the Kipchaks, another Turkic nation, so it’s 100% absolutely reasonable they are represented under Turks / Ottoman Empire in an asymmetric civ game like AoE4, especially since we already have a full nomadic civ, Mongols, and a much larger, hybrid civ named Turks / Ottomans would add infinitely more to the game.

Yeah I believe that’s almost pacified among people who like/ know some history. Some do because of AoE.

I’d place the settlement process, changing gameplay dynamics and strategy completely, in advancing from Age 2 to 3 (together with a Landmark), because there’s too much settled content in Seljuk and especially Ottoman empires.

That’s enough to make the Turks / Ottomans the most diverse and interesting gameplay of AoE4 with so many possibilities.

I hope we do. I made a concept for a Native American one. Currently working on a post for a theoretical civ concept for the Aztecs, as well.


Makes sense. And a good compromise between our respective initial propositions. For the nomadic part to be of any real meaning, age 1 alone is not enough. But having the transition on the way to age 3 looks nice. And I agree, this civ would be a lot of fun to play.

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You’re right. But the idea of the Turks being nomad for a while in early game before settling is nice. It would be correct historically and totally different from the Mongols. And the combo Byzantins and Turks would make a nice first DLC as these civs could easily have been starting civs in the game.