WTH with Gatling Gun?

It’s not though, organ gun is better than gatling gun so is organ gun not OP? They are very similar units except organ gun has more range and attack, gatling gets like a 15% dps increase with coffee mills, organ gun gets +15% HP with it’s card. Organ gun also has an additional age 4 card for faster fire rate and more aoe, it also benefits from target lock.


acabei de perder mais um jogo para estados unidos o oponente so fazia gatling e colubrinas impossibilitando qualquer tipo de unidade para mata-lo ele tinha 15 gatilng e 4 colubrinas fiz hussardos e colubrinas mais acabei perdendo todos essa unidade precisa ser nerf ela e efetiva contra todo tipo de unidade, o meta dos estados unidos e fazer ff e pegar o máximo possível essa unidade

Post a rec and we’ll see if you really lost because of how OP the gatling is.


agora não da mais acabei perdendo

After seeing what people try to do when playing against me, I have to say it’s going to take more than 2 culverin to kill 10 gats just like it takes more than 2 skirmishers to kill 10 Dragoons.


Culverins also cost more than gatling guns. And, gatling are good against ALL units AND buildings other than culverins, meanwhile culverins suck vs everything except artillery. So, you have to make the PERFECT number of culverins, all the time, to cost effectively counter gatlings, since they suck versus everything else. And don’t forget you have to make something else for sieging as well, unlike the gatling spammer who can take down buildings unbelievably fast. My in game experience with gatling guns versus organ guns leads me to believe that gatling guns are about 10x better than organ guns. Organ guns seem on par with or worse than falconets.

This post says it all.


com o dano em área junto com a constante taxa de tiro fica impossível de matar essa unidade em grandes quantidades além de ser muito barata para repor essa unidade precisa de um retrabalho sério, e muito melhor fazer gatlings do que fazer 5 skimishs

15 gatling? That’s a lot of time you gave to opponent


I spend more time making 10 culverins than him with 15 gatlings lol

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Why would you make 10 culverins? 3-4 are enough against 15 gatlings.

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I guess the different opinion here is because everyone plays different game mode. Gatling is a unit that is disproportionately better in large groups.

So those who play 1v1 wil, say Gatling is not impressive. However those who play 4v4 or even large map size, at a lower level, players have plenty of time to boom to large amount of gatlings which will beat the counter and seems op.


I played a team game yesterday (Aztec & Lakota vs US and Maltese). We had 50 upgraded Arrow Knights + 40 Rifle Riders agains a wall, some Sentinels and a lot of Gatling Guns (maybe about 20).

In theory we should kill them easily (Rifle Riders counter both heavy infantry and artillery and AK shall destroy walls and artillery). But in practice Rifle Riders just evaporated under Gatling’s fire and AKs with their long setup animation after every move or changing the target were able to kill only a few artillery pieces.

Big number of Gatling Guns are way too good in my opinion, they melt everything including their counters and not every civ has access to Culverins to handle it.


Imo you should not play civs without culverin and drag it to late game. Need to finish early. Native civs are not good in late game generally.

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Yeah, that’s probably true, but very difficult to do when your opponent turtles. We actually tried to rush them hard in Age II but we needed to back up because of walls, Commanderies and Outposts.

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Yeah gatlings are mostly a problem when there is like 15+ of them, which doesnt happen in 1v1 but can happen in team games, and in those cases they can can carry games

Its kinda hard to design around since alot of the tools that prevents aoe damage from being broken are designed around single units and there isnt such a thing as a collective damage cap.

maybe a build limit on gatling? but that would be kinda unprecedented for a mainline unit and even

Or maybe they just need a higher negative multi vs cav.

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I don’t think so, time you make out only 3 gatling that your culverins are many at most you make out 6 not 15 with 3/4 culverins.

Historically accurate

High negative multiplier against artillery and heavy cavalry, increase the pop of the gatlings by 1, remove the card of the gatlings that shoot without reloading. Gatlings do not become a weak or op unit, they will only become specialized artillery against infantry only as organ gun.

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I feel like this doesnt make a difference for the problem at hand, since in a team situation 1 pop isnt stopping you from reaching critical mass that makes them dangerous

They also already have the same pop as organ gun

I think a higher negative multi is a big enough first step

Its like with the incan bolas after the first rework, the aoe shredded everything once you have enough, cav or not so you really just need a higher negative multi

o jogo era 3v3 em 17 mim meus parceiro era ruins mais acabei pegando esse jogador sozinho no 1v1 e mesmo assim perdi