Wynguard Units - Graphics

These are my opinions and suggestions, should be treated as such! Feel free to disagree! But I believe every unit model should be given its proper treatment.

I do hope that the unit models of the english Wynguard units aren’t final. I have a few gripes with the current art for them. As for the ranger, it is at least its own model (The longbow campaign hero), I personally would’ve prefered some kind of helmet,hood or hat to distinguish it from the hero model.

However the footman.

1: From a silhouette/readability standpoint, it uses the same art as the age 3 men at arms. Which conflicts with the MAA, could cause some confusion and they aren’t distinguished easily from each other.

2: On part of aesthetics, it is a shame to re-use when it could be given its own model, it is supposed to be an imperial age unit, but doesn’t follow the same stylistical rules as the other imperial unit upgrades. The gold etc. It doesn’t show progression as expected.

Even the shield is something that would be more appropriate for the age 1-2 men at arms. Historically it feels like moving backwards in time. One would expect Round shield → Kite shield → Heater shield and/or no shield, perhaps a buckler.

3: It is supposed to be a stronger unit, than the imperial age men at arms. But it doesn’t look the part.

Would expect something more like these with a pollaxe.

Wynguard is the one with the axe. Comparison images.


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The hero model it’s the same as the ranger?..