Xbox live profile link Error

Hello, Im trying to sign into my xbox account on AOE and its not working. The first time i did it the pop up came up and i went to enter my information but it froze and crashed. Since then it has either had issues opening the popup window OR it opens it but when i click “sign in” it says it has a script error and asks if id like to keep running scripts on this page. no matter what i answer with it gives me that error a few times before just staying open as a white box.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Did you already try to clear your cookies and then restart your browser?

i should clarify. This is the xbox profile link in the game. not AOE’s site.

Ah. That link should launch the Xbox Companion-console (beta), if it is installed on your system of course.

The app is installed on my computer. When I click the button a pop comes up to sign in but when I hit it gives me a script error. I’ve tried with the xbox app running or not running.

It should sign in automatically the moment you open that. At least it does for me.

Could you check through Windows settings then Privacy, there below App-permissions section on the Account details page if apps are allowed to access your account details and especially if AOE DE is allowed to access it.

Yeah it doesnt for me. I dont see an option to allow AOE access in account details. The first time the popup let me enter in my account details it just froze. now it doesnt even get to that point without giving a script error.

Did you upgrade to the latest Windows version 1903 already?

Im not sure ill have to check that.

Which edition of AOE DE are we talking about anyway.
Is it the Steam or Windows edition?

steam. I followed the instructions on their website to link my steam account to my xbox account and they said I should just be able to click that button and fill in my sign in information to finish linking it and have it connected. Yet, every time I try I get that script error and they aren’t sure why.

Could you check your Xbox account configuration on and verify that your name is set, and important account details are provided. Please also check ‘My Microsoft-account’ configuration and settings below your profile picture.

I can’t help you further regarding issues with the Steam release sadly. Also I don’t know the contents of their instructions.

what do you mean? sorry not sure what i need to verify or how to check the configuration?

I mean that I suddenly remembered that in the past some people were not able to sign into the game because their Xbox/MS account was not fully registered and filled in. You can click the link and follow the instructions to check your Xbox account and MS account both together.

Also is DirectPlay enabled in your Windows 10 installation?

so yes my MS account and box account are linked up. I looked at the direct play and it wasnt on but i did turn it on and still didnt work. these are the errors i get for reference.

As DirectPlay wasn’t enabled already I suggest that you remove AOE DE through Steam, reboot your computer and then try to install AOE DE again.

Also could you share which Windows version is installed. Please search for winver with the cortana search icon and launch it.

i rebooted and reinstalled and still same errors.

i also ran winver and have version 1903. OS build 18362.418

Which antivirus or security application is installed on your system?
To me it looks like something is blocking the javascript interaction.

as far as i know just the windows security program. i havent installed any other antivirus. OI’ve also checked that windows defender is allowing AOE access.

Just to be sure and for a second opinion. Download this program and perform a full scan.