Xbox(PC)+Steam - Problems with crossplay and joining lobby

Me and my friends are having trouble joining each others lobby.
I play through Xbox Game Pass for PC. They are on Steam.
It worked fine yesterday by adding them as friends and then invite but we could never find each others servers in lobby browser.

Today my friends cant join my Lobby, and if he creates lobby, the invite button by my username is greyd out.

We have made sure the crossplay settings is on in options, and have tried restarting game/PC/xbox/steam etc.

Anyone else having these issues?


My friend and I have the exact problem, he is on Xbox Game Pass for PC and I am on Steam.
We were able to see each other’s lobby ONCE and only once (yesterday), and managed to play one game before the servers crashed entirely.

We are currently trying again today and cannot get our lobbies to show to each other. He has tried inviting me through the Xbox stuff and I don’t get the invites (regardless of whether I’m signed into Xbox or not).

Crossplay setting are enabled, we even tried disabling and re-enabling them. Restarting game, restarting clients, checking for updates, verifying game files. Nothing works.

I’ve bought the game in the MS Store and enabled crossplay in the settings after installing yesterday. As of today I’ve never seen more than like 10 games. All players have the xbox icon next to their username. Is crossplay disabled by default on the steam client? That would be a pity!

Usually I get rekt in late imperial age but it seems this time I managed to do so in the buying process before even installing it looool

I’m a player on xbox for PC
my friend bought the steam version

I know there’s a set in setup menu , I had opened the set to cross play with friends on steam
but I can’t see the room that my friend created
is this a bug , or I did something wrong?

Same here :expressionless:

Tried to play a game with some friends, but we noticed that the windows store version was the release one while steam got an update today. Invite didn’t work and lobby didn’t appear in the list.

My friend looked but couldn’t find anything about the update on the store.

I have the same issue with playing between Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft Store, and the person I’m trying to play with who purchased on Steam and we are on the same LAN.

I can get invites from the person on Steam, but get an ‘unknown error’ when trying to accept the invitation. When I send an invitation to the steam user, it never arrives.

I notice though that we have different versions, and this is mentioned on the things to check in the trouble shooting on the support page.

101.101.32875.0 - Steam.
101.101.32708.0 - Microsoft store.

Microsoft shows there are no updates for this when I carry out a check.

I thought at first it may relate to one of us having the enhanced graphics pack, but this is now installed on both, and still our versions do not match.

Odd, that Steam seem to have a more recent release than than the Microsoft store.

please, we need crossplay!!

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MS does a hugh mistake with this update-policy… “oh hey we have CP but not available trough different game versions” excuse me w**

We tried a 3p vs. AI game yesterday and our friend on MS Store version couldn’t connect to us at all, or vice versa. His lobby didn’t show up and he had a different checksum.

Please fix this ASAP!

Looks like Steam version is getting updates faster since they most likely got a bigger playerbase. I wonder how much trouble it is for the devs to keep 2 versions updated.

Exact same problem…

Different version to my friends on steam then they have on Microsoft Store.

Cross play with friends broken on the only day I have off. How good is that.

well done guys.

Kind of surprised we have no official answer, specially launch week… This just plain sucks

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Same problem with the crossplay xbox game pass pc and steam :frowning:

The Microsoft Store version is still behind the Steam version, which disables crossplay.

The devs are currently trying to line up both MS Store and Steam so they update together.

do we have any predictions?

My guess is when the -next- steam patch comes. The already 3 days has been too long if they want the game to succeed in online form. Learn from the AoE:DE launch they did not.

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If you want to do crossplay you can just roll back the steam update, the only thing the patches changed was the .exe so you just need to either use the Steam console commands to download the old version and replace it in the game directory or find one of the uploaded copies of the release version of the exe that are floating around reddit. I rolled back my copy a couple of days ago and haven’t had any issues.

patch is out. get to the the chopper errr store bois :rofl:

So my friend plays through xbox game pass for PC and I am on steam. I downloaded the xbox beta app linked my steam account and added him as friends on there also I did the same for xbox console companion(why the ■■■■ do they need that I don’t know.) When I launch age of empires on the top right I see that I can sign into xbox live and I do that, I can only send him one invited before the button is grayed out.He doesn’t see anything when I send him an invite. But if he send me an invite I see his invite an and I try to join but nothing happens it gives me an unknown error. We are both on win 10 1909 and cross play is enabled but his game version through 101.101.32875.0 and mine through steam is 101.101.32911.0 why are the versions not the same?