Xolotl Warrior Poll

To obtain Xolotl Warriors, you need to build a monastery, create a monk, research redemption, and convert a stable just to make them. Furthermore, you can only make them out of the stables that you have converted. Should they be more rewarding?

Xolotl Warrior
  • Xolotl Warriors should remain the same
  • Xolotl Warriors receive infantry armor upgrades instead of cavalry armor upgrades
  • Cavalry armor upgrades are available after converting a stable
  • Stable construction is unlocked after converting a stable
  • Elite Xolotl Warrior upgrade is available in Imperial Age, in parity with Cavalier.
  • Xolotl Warrior needs some other benefit not listed

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Its a gimmick unit like the flaming camel,no real use.


Ifbyou want to do something, make them benefit from the uTs

Xolotl warriors arent supposed to be a legit strategy. They are fine as is.


The weird thing about Xolotl warriors is that they keep the stats of a knight if you play normally, but if you start in post imperial they get more powerful stats.

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This is a really interesting position to take,
on the one hand you right, its not a real strat to ‘go’ xlotols… but to then conclude they are fine as is, is interesting.
Why not make them more attractive as an option? It only adds to the games repertoire of fun things to do and take advantage of. The only think I can think of is that meso civs don’t need a buff. But it would be nice to see.
Maybe we should see converted Aztec barrack’s being able to make Eagles for other civs too?

These strategies are super niche, but the few games when it suddenly makes sense to try it might be worth it. Furthermore they relative safe changes that don’t affect the balance too directly as they only occur in niche situations, and people can always delete their buildings being converted


Just a easter egg?

Buuut, could be team bônus when spanish play with aztecs.


In Post-Imperial starts they already get +30 HP and +2/2 armor (in total 130 HP, 4/4 armor). I think they could just give it to them for free once they hit Imp. But tbh when do we see Xolotl Warriors in the first place…


I’d kinda like them to be available in All Techs mode. lol


I voted to keep them as they are, but I would
Also love it if you could build stables after converting a stable.

I think it would encourage people to go hunting for stables for the memes.


Hmmm, this is just a skin/cosmetic problem
Surely? Since In all techs mode you get knights and eagles with every civ.
And Xolotl is just a worse knight stats wise.

Anyone know if there’s a mod of reskin knights as xolotl warriors? If there is, problem solved

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And +2 attack for a total or 10+6.

Having the automatic umgrade upon reaching the imperial age seems too strong, it would be stronger than some civs cavalier. Maybe have the upgrade be upon researching the elite UU ?

Ouhh ok, I wasn’t aware of the extra attack.

I mean sure, you could add something like an Elite upgrade that then gives them those stats. But it would have to be really cheap and researched quickly to not make it totally meaningless. You still can’t build stables. If you only have one or two of them you’ll never be able to outmass your enemy anyway. The instant stat boost would at least give them somewhat of a timing to be viable in a few cases.

Only reason they bothered making xolotl stronger in post imp starts is so that American civs could use captured stables in battle royale. Otherwise it’s just an easter egg.


Elite Xolotl should be the FU campaign unit (without Imp upgrades). I also think that all Meso civs should get access to stable construction (either after converting or giving Mayans Redemption). Cavalry Blacksmith upgrades should be made available once you convert a stable.

It might be cool if, when a meso civ converts an enemy knight, it transforms into a xolotl warrior. Doesn’t change anything gameplay wise but a nice little visual change

There is no way Mayans should get Redemption. It’s a super important Monk upgrade and Mayans are S-Tier already, they don’t deserve any more buffs.

If not that, then how do they access a stable? Just give them the ability to build, but only from Castle Age?

I think building stables after converting one is a good start. Then Elite Xolotl Warrior and infantry armor upgrades for the Xolotl warrior would also be nice. Also, I really like the idea of converting the stables of South East Asian civs lets you train a battle elephant type unit there, or camels from other stables. Just my take on it.

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I guess the main idea behind the xolotl warrior is : what would Aztecs do if they somehow got horses, by capturing a stable ? Just like in the Montezuma campaign, in which you can get xolotl warriors in some missions by sending captured horses to an area.

This does not mean that they get the ability of breeding horses, meaning building more stables.