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Please make a Romanian civilization in Age of Empires 2. I find it weird that all other European civs are represented in one form or another (such as Slavs, Italians, which is really an umbrella) but no the Romanians.

The Romanians aren’t slavs, so the slav civ, while cool for their late-game bonus, doesn’t work for them. And needless to say the Romanians aren’t Italian. So I find the Romanians the last Age of Empires 2 European civilization that isn’t represented by anything really.

Vlachs, Romanians, there’s nothing remotely related to that in Age of Empires 2. Despite there already being a campaign for Dracula, who was a Romanian. But because there’s no Romanian civilization you are using Turks, Slavs and Maygars to play the Romanian campaign. We already have the Netflix series Vlad vs Mehmet as a testament to how cool a Romanian civilization would be, that and the many suggestions of other people including myself, but especially a video:

And just like this video. The Romanian would make a perfect scorpions & skirmishers & paladins civ while making 100% historical sense. Vlad the Impaler’s deeds are often legends, but also they are not. The fact that he impaled 24.000 Ottomans isn’t legend but historical facts, the fact that he had a twisted sense of justice where you could put a golden cup in clear sight in the marketplace without fear that anyone would steal it, because if you would steal it the punishment was death, was fact.

So I think Romania could offer an interesting twist to Age of Empires 2 while also being historically accurate. Ok, maybe the Swiss aren’t also represented by anything else just like Romanians, and I get the idea of trying to expand to as many continents as possible, but it’s too much to ask just for Romanians?

Romanians, as in Wallachians and Moldavians, had 2 extremes as their rulers:

  • Vlad the Impaler, a most vicious man, he was not evil per se (not chaotic evil) but had a twisted sense of justice, if you would steal, the punishment would be death.
  • Stephen the Great, a most holy man, he won 46 out ouf 48 battles fought in his lifetime and for every victory he would build a chuch in the name of god. Moldavia wasn’t a ###### state while under his rule, despite, if you look at it, you’ll see the size of the Ottoman Empire and of the Turks. I think he outdid Vlad the Impaler as a military genious, because he tried the same thing as Vlad the Impaler, ressisting the Turks, the difference is, he succeded.

In fact, he fought together with his cousin Vlad the Impaler, yes, cousin, in a few occasions:

  • When he tried to take Vlad the Impaler’s throne during Vlad’s second’s reign in 1456.
  • When he tried to take his own reign after his uncle killed his father with the help of Vlad the Impaler in 1457.
  • When he helped his cousin take back his throne for his last time during his 3rd reign in 1476.
    So there’s a lot of crossover potential there.

The Pope named Stephen the Great “Campion of Christ” despite him being an orthodox. Mostly because of this:

"Stefan led his armies into battle 48 times, only losing twice, his most notable victories are:
1467 - The Battle of Baia vs Hungarian King Mattias Corvinus
1469 - The Battle of Lipnic vs the Golden Horde
1475 - The Battle of Vaslui vs the Ottoman Army led by Suliman Pasa, the governor-general of Rumelia
1497 - The Battle of Cosmin Forest vs King of Poland John Albert I

The Battle of Vaslui is arguably among the worst defeats that the Ottoman Empire suffered during the long reign of Mehmed II (1451 - 1481). The only other, more serious setback was the Sultan’s personal humiliation at Belgrade in 1456".

More info about both:


Romanians civ with Croatians and Serbians in Balkan DLC - Definitive breaking of Slavs umbrella.

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You need to stop. You’ve already posted variants of this topic far too many times. This is just spam.


Hopefully that’s the new DLC that will have the Indian treatment, Slavs need to be renamed asap, since it currently represents only Rus. Vlachs and Serbs are a must have, both have interesting and rich history. Personally I think if we get a civ with Return of Rome, it should be Vlachs (Romanians), back then people were calling themselves Romanians from Rome, not vlach (the term has a germanic origin describing Romanians)

The boyars , members of the landed nobility, formed the most important social group in the principality.[127] The vast majority of the population was formed by peasants who were called several names, such as vecini (“neighbors”) or rumâni (“Romanians”), in medieval documents.

Noo it won’t be definitive, then you will need Moldovians, Macedonians, Kievans separated from Moskovy, Bosnian, Slovaks.

People in Eastern Europe try to not make a dozen posts asking for their civ challenge (impossible)