You ask why are people unhappy? Let me show you :)

Many of you are wondering why? Is it because of graphics? lack of diversion and small number of civs?

For some people maybe? But for the most players its because of this:

Oh yes all the drophackers ruining entire 3v3/4v4 teamgame modes. There is zero point to play them on ALL ELO ranges. My last 3 games in 4v4 were all drophacked.

Maybe u have noticed how some people were spamming last 3 livestreams about drophacking/no-resulting exploits. That were guys from our group. I wanna call a people who kept saying in the chat they never faced a de-synch had to play like 5 games OR never played a mode above 2v2 or are paid actors … there is no other way. Devs were avoiding answers and all what we got was something like: Keep reporting them we are working on that … Excuse me but working on what?

This is screen of my mail (its older one cause I stoped to play tgs a while ago / untill my return today where I was drophacked again in a 1 game) So I dont report players so often as I used to anymore about who am 100% convinced they caused the crash.

So yeah … I have reported over 30 drophackers already both via in-game button and trough official request and I KEEP TRACKING THEM … and guess what? MANY MANY of them are still on live server hapily playing and still ruining game for all the others.

Thats only one topic I wanted to talk about. Now maybe even the more crucial one.

mm before was kinda decent - yes u had to wait for a game between 6-8:30 mins but U knew that your game is going to be at least on some level (am/was in TOP100 trough all modes from 1v1 to 4v4) - reaching top5 in tgs cause I played them most of the time alone or with friends.

Let me show you some examples

MM so bad that even if u win you get literally 0 ELO FROM WINNING and websites thinks you have lost :slight_smile:

Ranks above 40k with OVER 1000 ELO DIFFERENCE are completely normal … its not like 1 from 10 games is like this … its every third … and most of the games are against ranks 10-15k … Yes everybody enjoy such a game …

So not only MM sucks really hard but there are drophackers waiting for you everywhere.
I have my own system of dodging games - When there are more than 2 people with Hidden match history I dodge - this way I know who to report from enemy team if there is only one wtih hmh (You can easily recognize when they are doing that on purpose - just at the moment they realize they cannot win fairly :slight_smile: )

But Xardas there is some system which detects(counts) no-results of all members of one and second team and after that WIN or LOSE is based on which team has more NR in their history.

Wow … thats cool … but fact is that I (with 900+games) have much more NR than some secondary(third 4…5…) - Yes a lot of them makes new accounts via account sharing THAN ME … a lot of fair people have tons of NR in their history as well cause u cannot avoid it … simply NEVER.

I could speak about TONS of features which are badly designed/wrong but it would take 1+hour only to exaplin everything. I have GOLD experience with all RTS.

We had a group of 40 people on discord. All fair and decent players from all along the world. We used to play together tgs … and do u know how many are still active? 3 … mostly plaing separatedly 1v1 or 2v2s together …

So yeah now ask yourself again who would like to play this game?

I started to play 1v1s like a week ago which I ENJOY BY FAR THE MOST (mostly because of this) so I recommend to every single player who had the same mindset (tgs>1v1s 24/7) to give it a try and play it. Dont be afraid and you will improve your play a lot.

Cheers boyz. Lets hope for better tomorrow and hope that DROPHACKING will not be a thing in upcoming rankeds and that MM will IMPROVE BY A LOT otherwise we are about to lose 1/2 of game and tgs rankeds will be worst clownfiesta ever.

Good night and be nice to each other.


MY MAN , The name of the topic , MY topic :

Is indeed very old , was created like 2 months ago when I didn’t understand why people were leaving .

Surprisingly I only did that to get responses back in that time , not because I wanted to make a HOT TOPIC .

You got a good point buddy in your thread , keep it up



Haha well I never expected my shitpost to be one of the most popular threads of the month but here we are.

People are clearly upset at this game.

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Yes , but I’m clearly more upset at the time we have to wait for ANOTHER PATCH , if spring update is not worth it , I may quit from the forums and from discord and I will not even care about what the community says anymore , I will let it burn to the ground . I’m always defending the game because I know developers are super passionate but if I don’t see good changes I’m out of the community and I will play the game only because I like it .


I totally agree they’re taking their sweet ■■■ time, I can only hope the spring update they keep talking about has a LOTT of content.

I wouldn’t expect the next patch to be much more than the others tbh, it seems they’ve set the standard for their patches to only address small topics at a time.

They did say in one of the dev streams that updates are supposed to be much larger in scope, I hope so!

I’m ngl I probably will continue to play until the release of Manorlords simply due to the lack of other similar options, aoe3de is too laggy to play online and I enjoy playing with friends.

But you better believe I’m still gonna be here in the fourms voicing my displeasure.

1v1 is and always will be the only legitimate ranked mode.

With team games you need to go in with the assumption that somebody will just DC or completely mess your game up. It was never the mode to tryhard in for other Aoe games either.

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A good time to interject the need for a reconnect feature and or AI takeover or population redistribution.

Something to give the disadvantaged team a way to even the field, as this happens a lot. But drop hacking happens in 1v1 just as well.

I dunno about that, I’ve seen competitive teams form and team games are popular in e sports scenes

If people are dcing in 1v1 don’t you just get a free win?
I see no benefit for the leaver in a 1v1.

If you are saying people are boosting accounts by leaving 1v1 games it doesn’t mean much.
Because the moment that player fights an actually high skill opponent they will crumble.

Pretty much only when pros do it. In a mode usually specific for that kind of gameplay (empire wars).

I don’t think there’s ever been a culture in Aoe for team games to be the main ranked mode. Its almost always been 1v1.

1v1 is the most accurate way to determine your individual ELO after all.

Normally yes but that’s not what drop hacking is, hence why it’s hacking

They’ll cause you to drop and give them the win, or some way to make it record it like that basically.

They usually do, I’ve only experienced drop hacking after it’s pretty clear they aren’t gonna win.

For example I’ll gain the upper hand in a battle and the all of a sudden a mysterious “could not record match history” but then I go check on the website and my losses have increased.

There hasn’t been, however I would love to see more team oriented competitive play personally as I enjoy team games and the strategy and cooperation needed for them.

I would argue this, as some people may excel at team games but suck at 1v1, like myself. Or vice versa

omg yessss!!! i feel you bro/sis!!! the part that ELO didnt rise even after winning and shows like its going down! whaaat!!! it happened to me too (at 866 ELO) so its not even a pros-only problem, it happens at all ranks… the matchmaking is broken…

Im losing all hopes in this game… even though i do my best and watch videos and strategies when its not the siege massing is the tower rush or the knight rush or the whatever RUSH. It sooooo badly designed that imbalance is the base of every strategy… last match literally they only had a stone wall and both enemies had an army COMPLETELY made of siege behind that wall. it was impossible to go through im so done with this… im waiting until big changes come…

En mí rango de ELO me encuentro con jugadores con puntuaciones entre 950 y 1400, soy parte de la mayoría, así que no visto muchos drophackers, sólo tres o cuatro recientemente.

Tengo que decir que a tus aliados les deben gustar esas partidas con jugadores de alto ELO.

Changing the title as respond to latest most-read threat

  1. Now try to think and consider trough which all garbage and ,pain, had to regular teamgames player go.

At the beginning it was quite okay. Everybody knew a sh***

But as time went on we could see all this ENTIRELY RUINING WHOLE GAMEPLAY:
Relic duplication.
infinitive range on spears for Abbasids.
Super buged Delhi.
Super unbalanced HA and FL (I had games where I could 3v1 players ONLY with HA because they were OP and buged)
Super overtuned sieges (still a problem but not that bad) - aka Did your game go for a longer than 20 mins? Ah okay I have a bad news for you … There is Chinese player with 20+ bombards (more in production) with increased speed,health,range and reload time to completely ruin your entire gaming experience / worthy to mention completely broken springals at the start of the game.
Multiple oovo bug
DROPHACKERS - this is still MAJOR problem of all tgs and I can imagine how are all other players incredibly upset when this happens when they finally pushed enemy and are about to win - most of DH is without any kind of punishment and even the most famous ones are on live server as I said before
Super unbalanced Mongol trade boom

EXTRA resources returned when u canceled any kind of building (worst in wonder case of course)
extra resources when u made stone wall in T shape (aka how to get 5k stone within 3 seconds)

Chinese merchant trader bug

U can check my 2 months old post for additional INFO: What RUINS teamgames experience? - #12 by XARDAScoh

And now somebody of you DARE TO ASK why are we unhappy?

Bro I love this game but I am upset as well. And I 100% understand why are both pros and regular players leaving. This is just too much to handle.

Last nail into coffin was MM CHANGE … So I switched finally to 1v1s and 90% of problems which are in higher modes are not in here. But guess what? Most of the regular players wants to play teamgames with friends and have fun.

Yet so far it was not allowed for them to have fun. I dont wanna see a single post about why are people leaving or why are unhappy.


This isn’t ok, that’s how many bugs were? I hope none of them are still active.

If drophackers is your main problem then stop playing with them. Play 1vs1.

That’s it.

Are u stupid or lazy to read?

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Yesterday gaming ,tryhard, session :slight_smile:

This is just one example from many btw.

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Dude, I met 'em in 1v1’s…I followed the generic advice of ‘‘they work only in team games’’ and now I got my fear confirmed that it still happens even on 1v1’s right on my first ever 1v1 match. It was disappointing as hell.

Buddy I can recommend you if u have a lot of NR in your history to make a new account so everytime somebody would try to NR you in 1v1s (if is somebody so stupid he does it even there) so u get a free-win from that.

I’m not really into caring too much about stats at the moment or ELO because I can’t take the game serious enough to want to involve my soul into it, but it’s pitiful to see it happen. At this point why even learn to play the game when someone can just learn to drophack and win whatever they want. Why should I continue using strategies, making the game work for bad civs or even play with players if it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day because someone can get it easier than doing all that hard work of playing and spending the time to learn, with a few programs and some extra knowledge about things that I do not know about?

I can just do a move, kick their pride in the balls with whatever game event and get kicked out.