You ask why are people unhappy? Let me show you :)

MM for team games could do with some refining.

I understand that it’s all part of the risk of playing with randos that you will get some bad teammates. However, if I have 2 people on my team who are too busy making their bases look aesthetically pleasing (ie one barracks, one stable, one archery range all in a neat little line) to actually participate in the game then please don’t match us against a full premade team on a winstreak…


I feel this!

Normally you could avoid those traps in the lobby but teams Quickmatch…

Solution: keep games the first 3 minutes unrated so you can safely resign like in aoe3.

I can honestly say I play 3-5 3v3s each week with a couple of my friends (we play 1 night per week), and less than 10% of our games are no results. I mean it almost never happens. Seeing your match history is absolutely shocking to me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 2 no results in a single session, and that’s probably only happened once. Since Christmas we maybe got 1 no result in January and 1 in February. It’s very rare.

Maybe pre-made teams match differently than random teams? Idk. Maybe we aren’t good enough for our opponents to care enough about elo to bother with it. But it’s a mystery.

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Its not mine but one of the drophackers who is that smart he did not even covered his match history … its 100% obvious when all u can see in his MH are victories/No-results

Yeah I think the situation is slightly better rn because even all those heroes doing drophacking exploits leaved the game or just realized how non-sense it was when even if u drophacked the fact if u got win/lose was simple math and u was not guaranteed that u will get win from every drophack u do …

Keep in mind that if u play with 3 friends that reduce the chance to 3 potential drophackers in enemy team. If u would play alone and 4v4s (where it is even one level worse than in 3s) it means there are 7 potential drophackers

and even if u wanna report some of them its impossible since 100% more than one of them is gonna have hidden-match history or simply more no-results games cause he met drophackers before (As I said I had to make smurf for myself only because I had ± over 30 no results in my history) and when we were hacked with friends it was in the end almost counted as lose every time …

kinda deadly combination with fact I lost 20+ ELO from such a games and gained like +1 - +3 from winning since ELO difference between my (premade) team and enemy team was in 90% cases super-high and me personally was among top10 players by ELO for a long time

The daily gaming session looked like this:

We won 7 games to get ±20 ELO

only to lose 20 ELO in 8th game in which we were drophacked

I know its only teamgame ELO and it shows almost nothing but u know its still kinda dissapointing and specially when it happened during late-game very often … so u basicily wasted 30+ mins for nothing (well only for losing your elo even trough u had clear advantage in that game)

So yeah thats part about teamgames … why they becomed completely dead (even if u play with premade friends) and is much better to play 1v1s … but u know a lot of people dont like 1v1 and preffer to play 3s/4s … but as I mentioned above … all the horrible features which were common and specially bad in tgs + drophackers/mm means that we are in stage where we are.

Still I dont understand why are people asking why is somebody unhappy or why are people leaving when CLEAR answer is directly in this thread.

Its all the bugs/unbalance ■■■■ (which was way way way worse in tgs) - basicily only stupid Horse archers or fire lancers killed all the modes above 2v2 for like 2 months and tons of missing features (anticheat, better mm, better communication + of course some minor stuff like pings translated into language of origin player? we are about to get a new taunts and I expect them to be designed in the same way … )

So your random teammate from Asia(or all the non-english speaking countries) is going to ping something on map and there will be note in a chat like this: sbgewefewgegweg

After N4C concluded Nili said that he was very disappointed with viewer numbers. bear in mind this was a 100k tournament. Every statistic and prediction is only pointing to gradual and slow decline of aoe4. I believe microsoft and relic expected it as well and had planned their development accordingly. After the first season update we will have all the tools we would need to keep aoe4 alive even if there is no new content added by microsoft. I am not saying that microsoft will not support the game or anything like that. but there’s only so much a company could spend on a not a hit game. aoe2 is still more popular after the initial euphoria of aoe4 died down.

me personally would love to go back to aoe3de, and everyday i am afraid to queue up on aoe4, it wasnt like that in aoe3de, i would enjoy every game i would win or even loose. but with aoe4 its very monotonous kind of. they say that each civ is different, but it feels the same. late game is still siegefest, early game units more or less the same for all civs…

in aoe3 there are many strategies you could execute, you could capture trade posts early, or ally with the natives or use shipments etc.

i dont know how the player base will dwindle after future aoe4 updates. but i just hope there’s enough interest in all age games for server pop to be above critical levels.


Just saying btw.


I think encouraging matchmaking to put asian players on asian servers would help massively from a loading/drop point of view.

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Still not fixed since November …

just saying

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Edit: Went and read the Reddit thread…I promise I’m watching and will advocate where I can. You are heard, but unfortunately some things take more time than I hope.


lol they didnt even solve that issue

So fixing the desync hack is taking more time? Dude its been around for 6 months!!
In a game where your tring to keep the integrity of the ladder in check, this should be at the top of the list.
No one likes to get cheated out of a win. Its just bad.

I understand none of this matters and it will be fixed when its fixed but. really more man hours should be on this asap till its fixed. Its kinda a big thing with ranked comming up and all.

p.s start by perma banning the players that have been abusing this for the last 3 months. There not hard to find.

Changes have been made in this update which should help a bit. That said, please do continue to report players you suspect of using hacks/cheats. And do continue to post here if you see this consistently.


ok thanks for the reply. Hope you can fix it. God forbid new hacks come like map hack(showing the whole map) or other crap.
Im sure its not easy

sure it helps but they are not enough for the one that waited since launch.

I play aoe3DE only but lurk on the IV threads to see how the game is progressing. I’m really surprised to hear of the disconnects and drops in this game. I only had one player do that in over a year of playing the other game. It just doesn’t happen there. Wonder why it’s so different?


made buggy. slow updates… still surviving just bcuz fanatism and the recently map editor.


the drophack issue is around since coh1, it’s engine related and there was no fix for it in the last 15 years

So why is it not a problem in the other game. I guess because they players are older.

It is. Variants of it exist in Age of Empires in general. For example:

Total War:

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