You broke Regicide mode - king will not garrison

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  • GAME BUILD #: 63482
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 / 11

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The king unit in Regicide mode does not garrison

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start a game with Regicide mode enabled
  2. Select the king unit
  3. Attempt to garrison him into the castle

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The king is supposed to garrison in the castle. You guys broke this with today’s pathfinding patch.

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yea a bunch of stuff can no longer garrison in the mods too

rather than hard code garrison properties vs different class (building, castle, tower etc) should have a value for those as well so they dont break things after making unintended changes

I have tried restarting, various civilizations, and I am unable to garrison any unit including trying to use hot keys to garrison.

looks like something to do with old datamods, not sure what they did but this new “garrison” has something probably added that old datamod lacks.

We found during the course of playing a co-op game vs the AI that the AI had no difficulty with garrisoning, only human players.

We’re playing with Zetnus’ Ludicrous Resources mod + map pack.

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Hi @TiredDavid27

This issue is already being tracked, thanks!


@ConvertThis4915 is it possible for you guys to test any of the old mod with older data files on why garrison also stop working? it is likely related but I fear the fix would only apply to default data set and all mods would continue to remain broken.

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I have brought your concern up with my collagues.

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Was this intentional? I cannot garrison the king in Regicide. Now Regicide is completely broken.

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King garrison doesn’t work but also the icon for tracking, normally found in military actions, is now located in the actions available to the king when you try to garrison. Just fyi.

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Hi @Raffeex

No it was not intentional, we are working to fix the issue!

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Any idea on a fix for this?

The developers are aware of the problem and are actively working on a fix. My friends and I only play co-op vs AI, so we’re careful to put up walls very early to keep out enemy units. We also play with a treaty enabled (60 minutes). We moved the king into a protected space just in case of a lone enemy scout or something.

as an example of mod Mods Single - Age of Empires

build a guard tower and try to have villager garrison and it can’t see to garrison into class 52 which is towers

@steelhammer133 prob next update which is a month from now. unless they release a hot fix but most likely end of july

That’s not very productive if we have to wait a month for a fix for a king that cant garrison - but anyway


It doesn’t cause a crash, so it’s nothing urgent. Wait a month.

make regicide great again. no king garrison run for your life


It may not seem urgent to you, but it has the potential to scare away players for a long time. Constant game breaking bugs is what killed HD.

I do think this bug is funny but only because I am still more used to no garrisoning except in transports, aoe1 style.

I can see that you do not work in software. If you did, you would understand. It’s an annoyance to deal with for a few weeks, and it will very likely be fixed in the next patch.