You can use the 'Secondary key' to add a hotkey, right?

For example, if I made the secondary key for ‘idle villager’ to ‘~’ (tilda) then when I hit tilda and it shows me idle villagers?

Please tell me that actually works.

But you can’t edit the primary key, right? I guess being able to add your favorite key to ‘secondary key’ and have that work is something.

If it works. Does it? Can anyone try setting secondary key for ‘idle’ to tilda and let me know if it works?

Also - there’s a ‘show recent event’ key, right?

You can modify both the primary key and secondary key. There are set of keys that are ‘Locked’ and cannot be changed (not in-game at least) like ‘Alt’, ‘Ctl’, ‘Esc’ etc. Yes, the Space key is actually one of those immutable keys for ‘Show recent event’

You can change primary and secondary keys most of the time, but there are limitations:

  • You can’t use blocked keys like ALT, Shift etc.
  • You can’t rebind some keys that involve Control+Shift

If you happen to have experience with config file editing: Advanced Users: How to rebind locked hotkeys

No you can change it. I just changed it to idle villagers and it worked.

Didn’t know that, thanks :slight_smile: I assumed because it was on that First page it was immutable as well.

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