You Can't

You can’t custom hotkeys, pause game, choose color, taunt, explore the game with scenario editor…battles and pathings are awful. No competitive for months. All Maps look the same. Aoe4 is just being successful because of its name!?

they are so slow to develop update and finish that i don’t believe in this game anymore!
can we say that the game is going to die?
what is your opinion?




So much more.

Zoom “you enjoy how I tell you to” level.

Blah blah.

IDK man, It’s been months.


Of all the people I know that bought the game, no one still plays.

Maybe AoE4DE fixes it all. In 10 years


The majority opinion has been expressed in a variety of threads outside of this one in which the concensus appears to be:

  • PvE players have mostly jumped ship due to a lack of content or initial wow factor.
  • PvP players would like more: Civ balance, maps, map veto, and correction to the presence of siege in the late game.
  • Both parties have representatives believing that the game was released in a less than square meal state and agree that they do like the game to an acceptable level at which they are willing to share opinions on what they believe could improve the experience.

Custom hotkeys are coming this month, choose colour isnt that big a deal (but would be nice), scenario editor is coming in next big update same with competitive.

Battle pathing can suck though, units dancing around instead of hitting is annoying.

Devs should have delayed the game. Just put it down and come back to it later, it will get better

You can , in the ranked beta , its on development.

It will come , already confirmed.

Spring update …

It will come , i already tested it out. in the ranked beta.

Nagari looks like boulder bay , dont think so!

I really want to show you how is the world of development and the boring process of MS certification , wich can LAST for months.

He said that, still took forever.

Should’ve been at launch

Should’ve also been at launch.

He was complaining about how it has taken months for ranked to come out, should’ve been there at launch. - this is a big one that tells me pretty much definitively the game was rushed out for the holidays, possibly trying to get better sales than their October AOE3 release which could’ve been done better to say the least(PR and timing wise)

Should’ve been there at launch.

It actually really kinda does, it’s boulder bay with two paths instead of one.

Also when you play Boulder bay and nagari both 5 times a day, yeah they all start to run together.


I know that it tooked months to fix some issues that could have been fixed in less than a day but they are probably are being forced to follow some requirements to actually release a patch , aka : MS certification process , it just cant be because they are lazy , change one value of one unit just takes 10 minutes to balance properly , 30 minutes if they want to do it perfectly .

Oh I don’t think they’re lazy, on the contrary.

I blame all the shortcomings on executives and upper management who obviously pushed unrealistic time-frames on the devs in order to meet a deadline to appease investors and make a decent initial profit.

The MS cert process takes 48 hours, max.

I still feel like the bottleneck/slow progress is because of management/conscious design decisions to take it slow, which is extremely frustrating. I’m not sure the size of the programming team working on continuing support for aoe4, but I assume it’s large enough to patch out something like the rus relic bug in a hotfix pushed out in a day, I still have a hard time accepting how long it takes them to fix exploits and other detrimental bugs.

There should be regular patches along with emergency hotfixes for issues that keep popping up, and how have they not fixed animation cancelling yet? Like these are things that were reported in the games BETA that were fixed two months later

I dont know honestly , i was on the beta and in those 16 days of beta they published 3 patchs .

Now we have to wait over a month to get 1 patch.


I wasn’t involved in the beta but that’s great insight that really proves how weird it is! Thanks for sharing.

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I’m not going to pretend that I know why they did that during the beta, but it could have something to do with there being no harm to the experience of the playerbase during a beta. You can change it any way you like and it’ll be expected and accepted by the beta testers because they’ll be expecting another patch.

With a launched game, you’ve got to deal with people getting used to how the game plays and build patches based upon their expectations for change based on that.

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Trust me PvE players would also like the same things as PvP players would. Give us more maps, more civs, less siege and a great AI and we’ll play the game more for sure.

We also want more game modes, and more viability of landmarks such as the Abbey of Kings, Tower of Victory etc.

Point being, I don’t think the PvE community and the PvP community want very different things. We want pretty much the same things, including a better AI.


Nah these are all carefully designed and good for both players and the game. The game is fine as it is. They know you and I don’t really have the ability find our best way to enjoy the game, which is so delicate and cannot function with any other mode or setting.

You’ll run into unwanted maps and civs if you have a random option and not fully enjoy the game.
You’ll use your favorite color which the game is not optimized on (except blue) and not fully enjoy the game.
You’ll use the hotkey setting that you find comfortable but not suitable for the game and not fully enjoy the game.
You’ll spend time on the scenario editors not the campaign documentaries and pvps which are the real jewel of the game and not fully enjoy the game.

In short you’ll hurt yourself if you are given anything different, so they fixed everything for you already. You think you need such freedom but you really don’t. It’s good for you. You should be grateful for that.

BTW, after any of these are added: oh great addition! Thank you devs!


Yes my friend, I comfortably share your thoughts on mutual wants between the parties, however, the wants of PvE players are exhausted with greater speed than that of the PvP players, hence we see the PvP population holding on much more tightly than did the PvE players that tested the game since launch.

Quite right friend. I have taken to imagining myself repainting, and proceeding to watch, the large empty space of wall just above my curved screen Samsung monitor to increase my experience with the current state of the game via sensory deprivation. In addition, I read often the posts of apologists here. My faith in the development team is strengthened daily thereby.

What difference would this make in OP not believing in this game anymore? It’s not like MS is some sort of neutral company in this matter. Compared to other games the updates and/or patches are exceptionally slow here, and when they finally come out they ■■■■ up more than they fix. It doesn’t matter if this is due to MS certification process or a incapable dev team or whatever. The result is just bad and customers have the right to complain.

It’s not bc they are lazy , you are wrong as ■■■■ if you believe this , during beta times we would get 3 patches in 16 days , but now the story is different

Of course they have the right to complain but I’d also have the right to debate

They are far from lazy.

But if they do not add things into their product that have been there since 1997, I’d be very disappointed.

How hard is it to have all the game modes and features from AoE2 and AoE3? Things like zoom may be hard to do because it’s a different engine and all, but Color picker?? Hotkeys??? Global Queue???

They should have shipped all these at launch. The devs didn’t need to get a hundred complaints on the forums to realize that the player base needs color picker, or remappable HOTKEYS, or a Global Queue. These have been there for decades, and they didn’t add it at launch.

I don’t think they are lazy at all. Quite the opposite. But I DO think that they failed to understand what Age of Empires is. They wanted to create a simplified (yet rich) game which everybody in the world would play and get drawn to the RTS genre. In the process, they disappointed dedicated fans of their own franchise, who have been supporting the Age series with so much love and affection for over 20 years.

I think it is safe to say that if the game was more in the spirit of other Age games, many players from AoE2/AoE3 would have come over to AoE4. But it seems like most AoE2 players are back to AoE2, most AoE3 players are back to AoE3, and AoE4 remains dominated today by players new to the franchise (this is great by the way, the age community welcomes them!).

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Ok well debate then. You were trying to say it’s not that bad because MS certification process just takes long. And I responded to you: it doesn’t matter if MS certification process takes long. We as customers shouldn’t even be talking about this. What I’m saying is: the result/product is really bad and it takes too long to change/fix this. It shouldn’t matter (for us customers) who or what in their business process is to blame for that. It’s up to the companies Relic and MS to figure out where they went wrong.