You fcking kidding me. On my stream i got almost all bugs in row and game is selfdelited O_o

So i was streaming today. Bugs i got in live streaming:

  1. Full freezes.
  2. Lowest perfomance ever.
  3. Crashes.
  4. Invisible units.
  5. Superbad pathing.
  6. Players disconnected.
  8. Broken balance of cumans

Just in case, game was working much smoother and better before. You can check differense with my older streams. Other friends also had and have now real headache with AoE2 DE perfomance.

  1. Freezes and crashed (also steam crashed afterwards) and more later
  2. Low perfomance
  3. Invisible land units (mine and oppoent’s) was invisible whole game
  4. All games. Villagers dont eat proper sheeps, or eat wrong, or just stand still, because cant find path to the sheep under their noses. Units going in corners and choosing longer path etc.
  5. Disconnects
    Two players was disconnected (my game was freezed and crhased as i said before). Then streamer clicked resing and got victory…
    7 and 8) GAME GOT DELETED and broken cumans

Can you share you DXDIAG either here or on Discord in private?

Discord: kibe#7610

why? i already sent DXDIAG to devs before

Check your own dxdiag and see if your Page File memory usage is higher than your RAM usage.

There’s a chance it will stop lagging if you can clean the PC.

Kibbe, i never had any issues like this before.
And i checked memory usage and i dont understand what is fcking going on.

Maybe its a wrong translation but it says i have 10162 Mb of used Swap File. But it is a RAM, not swap…

Yes this is a common problem with everybody that has been crashing in the game, Windows is using more total RAM than you physically have, so the game crashes.

I would recommend doing a Disk Cleanup, cleaning your temp folder (%temp%) and restarting your PC if you feel the game starting to lag.

There are known memory issues in the game and these are a few things you can do to be able to play until they fix it.

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It was so broken so i even created a new user. Few days it was good until update of yestarday.
And as you see, many opponents was crhased, in total they crashed more than me. So its not a my problem. Its 1000% problem of the game itself and unprofeccional developers. And stop fcking giving wrong advices about cleaning PC and temp. Its a so fcking stupid advice i even dont wanna to talk about it.
And how on earth game is selfdeleted in middle of the ranked match??? WTF?

You can either continue to complain about the stuff they are fixing, or you can try the things that work in order for you to play in the meantime.

It’s up to you.

Man you are so wrong. No temp files no restart are totally not affecting game. And how can i play if game is selfdeletes? DO I NEED EVERY TIME DOWNLOAD GAME TO PLAY 1 FАCKING GAME AND THEN GOT GAME DELETED AGAIN?? WTF IS GOING ON HERE?

I don’t think your game self-deleted, that would be impossible. It can crash and close, but self-deleting is not a thing.

I have told you a few steps that worked for a lot of people that contacted me, you can go ahead and ignore them if you choose.

And your steps cant fix game itself. Subject is closed

If your game did delete it self, it is because your Windows ran out of RAM space, allocated it to your hard drive or SSD, and it ran out of space.

You can check for yourself the space you have, the amount of RAM it’s using and try to fix the virtual memory.

I’m also not a developer, screaming at me will not change much.

I have 16 GB ram + 2 GB swap files (screenshots posted before). I have much more free space than enough for everything. And i never had anything like that. Swap is allowed on “Диск D (F:)” and “Старая система (Е:)” Game was installed on “Диск D (F:)”. It has 193 free space. With game it was about 170 GB of free space.

So stop give false advices

Where is your Steam installed? I have also never had anything like that happen.

Do you have any anti-virus installed? Or VPNs and programs that can interfere with Steam?

Man you are not developer and you cant help me.
Im sure it could happen if game got update. Something similar had happened before to me and others during installation or update. Game was downloading from scratch. But it was way before i started game itself. This time it happened during the match.

Okay, hope you can fix it, good luck!

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