Zero info for three months

It has been complete silence since the very informative 5sec flag reveal…according to steamdv the devs are definitely working on sth, but could we have some little information about update plans?

Don’t tell me we’re going to get nothing before the DLC (which itself is not decided).


No June PUP, no nothing. All while the game is still in shambles in some respects.

Four months since last balance pass too


A release date would be nice, even something ambiguous like “Spring 2024”.

But they haven’t done that for AoM Retold either… so we’ll just have to wait.

Think the DLC will come before or after AoM-R?


game is dead
and everyone knew it
better sold the brand so we can have aoe3de:retold in 20yrs

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The game isn’t dead. Stop beating that horse. It’s still getting updates on Steam. You know for a fact they’ve got new DLC under development. So, stop with the melodramatic nonsense. It’s just irritating at this point.

The issue isn’t that the game is dead. The issue is that this game is being managed by a group of people that doesn’t give a damn about communicating. It’s a one-way conversation. They listen when they want to, or don’t. They develop what they want to, and then when it’s up to their satisfaction, they drop it on the community. There’s no communication. They don’t talk to us to tell us what’s up. Nothing is regular. We’re just left to guess.

Now, this isn’t new either. We’ve complained about it for years. They don’t give a damn. They keep doing the same strategy because somewhere someone with the Big Boy pants in the organization wants it that way. And we have absolutely no power whatsoever to affect any change in that situation.

The game is NOT dead, but communication from this dev team sure as heck is.


They only listened during the AoE3DE beta test. Some my suggestions were accepted.


The game is already perfectly balanced, no bugs and no need any improvement.

a simple trickle of screenshots 1x a month with a witty caption would do so much but no, not even that


Bugs: attack move doesn’t work. Units prioritize walls, replay always out of sync.

Balance: USA and Ottomans are OP. Samurai is OP.


Sarcasm is a device of humor and criticsm.

I think we’re all genuinely shocked at how much content we got, and appreciative of it, but equally as shocked by how much they simply drop the ball and totally stop communicating for months at a time.

It’s such a strange relationship. We don’t want to complain because we got something rather than nothing, but also we’re paying customers and want to attract more of the same but can’t find reasons to justify it due to the state of the communication and deliberate kicking to the wayside.


it is funny that aoe players, especially aoe3 players are the most willing to pay for more pc community i have every seen, only ranked behind those waifu mobile games and those mmorpg


Last PUP was 4 months ago. I hope that they’re either planning something HUGE for the next PUP or that the expansion is going to have more than just 2 new civs…


Yes, AoM Retold comes out before RBW in September, so the AoE 3 Baltic DLC will come out in November-December…

Yes, for 2 years I have been saying that the game is not dead and that they will continue releasing dlcs, slowly but surely…

Yes, in AoE 4 the same thing also happens…

And they don’t take advantage of that…

Na, there will be 2 civs (Poland and Denmark), 15 European maps (or perhaps less since they would be the ones missing from the continent), 10 historical maps (mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries), some new mode and little else…

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Where does this self-confidence come from?


Imagine if out of nowehre they release a single civ DLC again somehwere in the next two months together with the next patch



Too beautiful to be possible…

It could be Brazilians civ because a lot of people are talking about it.

I would say it isn’t impossible but not likely.