120 villagers is enough

I agree with your point, game should be played like you want, but the problem is that you require a high amount of villagers to win, there is less army management and a lot of villagers, this makes ugly a s at the same time is not fun to watch.

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I don’t know what do you think would change from limiting villagers, because if you see tournament matches, despite pros having a lot of villagers they use every single resource.

Limiting villagers would only make the game slower if you don’t modify the villagers collecting rate…

Also this is a RTS game not a total war, large epic battles are not assumed.

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Be careful, that’s not bad… that’s how you win by defending the wonder… it’s still valid…

Yes, that’s why I prefer 40-50 villagers to maintain an orderly economy and not have to do too much macro…if I want to have too many villagers collecting resources, I’d better play sim city or farmville xd…

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My intention is that the Meta favors producing military units and being aggressive, if producing 150 villagers works it is because the Meta favors them with a boom strategy

But I do see pros and no pros gain advantage by being agressive.

Me for example, yesterday, played against french as english, done a lot of longbows and spears and erase that guy in feudal.

Playing as Delhi the same, a lot of military is done in feudal to get sacred sites and raid enemy.


@HasanIchess A game I just played:


Map control > Villagers

He had no more gold in his map.

and I didn’t put up any walls. Just the one in the market because he wanted to trade, but I killed the traders with a few horsemen and he refused.



If I was passionate about city management, I’d rather play “Manor Lords” but I came to ae4 for battles and war strategy, please give more importance to the army, for God’s sake!

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I could sure use more graphs to help convince me that 120 villagers is enough for me and that I would never want more. Please keep 'em coming!


Well this thread helped me discover that this forum has a mute feature.


Everyone publishes what they like and what interests them. There are posts with many comments and likes but they have been closed due to toxicity

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For sure. But 400 villagers interests me. If I owned AoE4, I think I would post charts of how I quickly reach the pop cap in 90% of the games I play :slight_smile:

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Manor Lords is what AoE 4 should look like…

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If you open it in another thread, I will answer you about this topic

Na,i´m fine with that…it’s only an opinion…

@HasanIchess no has contestado a esto…

As Beastyqt said, patches should be based on the data of professionals not the average

What I just wanted to point, is that not everytimes the guy with more villagers just win because he had more villagers, this is an oversimplification of the game.


Yes, this is no secret. The franchise has been kept alive due to the success of AoE2. AoE 4 was therefore modeled as an iteration of it. This should not surprise anyone.

Yep, we agree.
My entire post was line-by-line counterpoints to the OP.

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