2 new civs at october 2023?

Just wondering… it will be the 2nd anniversary of the game.


I think it’s highly likely, in the form of dlc


The problem here is that the game needs a fully fledged expansion, not just added civs through a dlc. Remember when The Conquerors came out one year later with lots of inprovements and new campaigns? It’s been a year since AoE4 was released, and from what I see, they are missing their opportunity to turn the game around massively.
At this point I dont know if Relic still has a big team fully focused on the game capable of working on such expansion or the game is being maintained by a few devs working on patches and small addition. It would be sad if only the last part was true.


They haven’t even moved the existing campaigns onto the current game mechanics. It must be incredibly confusing for new players.


I hope much much earlier, we need something that really changes the cards on the table


wait, the campaign units have different stats and mechanics than multiplayer?

I was looking at a price graph for AoE4. I’m not a financial analyst so it’s just my opinion but it doesn’t look good. Before the 1 year anniversary they already lowered the price $20, and followed that with a free week, and monthly sales that increase the discount % each time. I think they have not hit some goals and are trying everything they can to nearly give it away ($8 in argentina). I kind of wish I’d held off, 1 year was not long to wait to save $30-40 on the retail price.

Anyway if they can’t sell the base game, maybe that’s part of the reason malian and ottoman came free, and hopefully future content will be added for free too. They need to finish what they started too though and make it more flawless. It was definitely not worth AAA price in its state the past year, glad they acknowledged that at least.


Let me guess the 2 new civs for the next DLC: Byzantines and Persians


I don’t mind waiting a whole year for a full expansion with at least 3 civs and new campaigns and other stuff, but if the next release is just two civs, I hope they get them out more quickly. Given AOE 3 DE has had four DLC’s since April 2021 (six civs in total) despite a much smaller player base, I would imagine they can churn out AOE 4 civs faster than 2 per year.


I hope to see something different, maybe I would like the Byzantines between the two, we need some civilization with very unique and complicated mechanics, a civilization with the depths of the Chinese


Aoe 2 and 3 have been around for 20years. They have a lot more content.

There newest game should be getting the most suppose, but doesnt feel like it.

One problem is that a lot of content that we would take for granted, given the experience of previous games, we would think there should be by default, but they were not released immediately, what I mean is that having a lot of experience with past Age of Empire, some things that are being added now, should be discounted, without the community telling them, even the complication of the RTS in managing the units in the UI and things of this kind, which thinking that Microsoft has the game in hand, should be more present, since I think the funding is there. I still love Age of Empire 4, but after 1 year of playing without stopping, I’m getting tired, even playing the story, I’m sorry some mechanics have been removed, for example being able to see through the fog of war nearby, when you hear noises, which would not be a cheating, since you can still hear the enemy units by putting the camera in the right place, even the Villages that mine, and when deer are killed on the other side of the map, even talking about the models of the units I have of the models of the buildings, too small I have too big, a lot of diversity and usually the model is also wrong when clicking, do not mention the small delay of movement of the units, which is not as responsive as games like Starcraft, and the camera that sometimes zooms little, sometimes widens too little, not having a dynamic environment, such as day night dynamic lighting, shadows etc., problems with the attack of some siege engines that sometimes block, walls that cannot be placed or have bugs after being removed and tried to replace and much more, Another thing, when the Romans place a relic in a port, at the destruction of the port, the relic disappears forever, without making it reborn from the starting point, which I would take for granted.

I don’t want to disappoint you but, it is very likely that the Persians WILL NEVER RETURN, they would not exist by the time of the Age IV (800-1650), the nobility of their people died and the inhabitants of the area were assimilated into the first Islamic caliphate .

In fact it was the orthodox caliphate, the first, that conquered them. Then the territory passed to the Umayyad Caliphate, and then to the Abbasid Caliphate (of which there is Civ). Then the Mongols conquered the whole area, and the Abbasid Caliphate and the Delhi Sultanate lost part of their territory. Then the area of Persia that corresponded to the Il-Khanate, did not last even 100 years, it was subdivided into small territories, until Timur Khan appeared and created the Timurid empire. Then the Safavida empire would come, but its age is for Age 3. Anyway, here is a recount:

  • Orthodox Caliphate (632-663)
  • Umayyad Caliphate (663-750)
  • Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258)
  • Mongol Empire (1244-1256)
  • Il-Khanate (1256-1391)
  • Independent States (1335-1381)
    -Timurid Empire (1370-1507)
  • Safavid Empire (1501-1736)

The most probable Civ for the Persia side would be the Timurids (1370-1507), they would pretty much have the Age 2 Tartaros style of buildings, and lots of nice landmarks. They would be sworn enemies of the Delhi Sultanate, and their greatest 4th age exponent would be Babur, who would later found the Mughal dynasty.

On the other hand, about the il-khanate: Age 4 Mongols represent the Mongols of Genghis, the later khanates in the Golden Horde, and the Il-khanate. The khanates of China are represented in the 3rd Chinese Dynasty (The Yang), in theory, if one day they make a Japanese campaign and are the scene of when the Mongols invade Japan, they would do so with a contingent of Chinese troops with the technologies of the Yang dynasty + Mongol allies.


To be honest, although I want Japanese to come out, one of my Civ models for Japan, has the “clan system” for the 3rd age, and the Date clan, would have the unique bonus of being able to create “Spanish Galleons and Spanish Missionaries” , and well, if there is no Spain at that moment in the game, it would be like a spoiler when Spain comes out hehe and the surprise would be lost, unless they are taken out together.

I would love to see new civs come out, unfortunately, because some combine better with others already developed for a campaign (Spanish with Japanese, or Spanish with Incas, or Spanish with Aztecs), some would have to wait. For example, if you want to do a Japanese campaign, you should put “Korea and Japan”. Also if they want to campaign Delhi Sultanate, they should put the Vijayanagara Empire or the Chola Dynasty to be their enemies, and also the Portuguese. Bypassing the campaigns, and technological synergies:

Spanish and Byzantines would be a good combination. Of course they are their historical names:

  • Kingdom of Castile and Aragon, Eastern Roman Empire.

AHHHHHH, they sound awesome.


We need civilizations never seen as the Venetians, in my opinion, there is a guy who made an interesting post about it The Republic of Venice: Definitive and Improved Version

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I think almost the whole game has basically been frozen in time for the campaigns, from a pre-release state. I say almost because some QoL improvements seem to have been put into the campaigns, such as the shift queue multiple waypoint markers and lines.

I just ran up a Rus campaign mission, and a knight had base stats of 38/5/5. I ran up a skirmish game and the base stats were 36/4/4. There definitely seems to be a big difference in how effective unit x is against unit y or against buildings in some cases. Units can attack stone wall gates in the campaigns. Some logic seems different, e.g. stone wall building is bugged and villagers can end up doing nothing rather than automatically moving to build an adjacent segment. There are different techs in different buildings.

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Dude! There were various Persian dynasties that were established after the Islamic conquest of Iran. Besides, the timeframe of Age IV is the medieval era (approximately between 500-1500). Timurid is also a good idea to have but it would still be good to have the Persian civ themselves be in Age of Empires IV and like with Age of Empires II, it won’t just represent the Sasanian Empire (the late era of that empire) but also other Persian dynasties including Persian Islamic dynasties that ruled over Iran. The Persian civ would be obviously similar to the Chinese in that it would represent multiple Dynasties and there would also be a Dynasty system for the Persians (but it would likely function differently from that of the Chinese).

Forgotten Empire will help or take over Relic for new content. Have faith.


maybe this image is spoling one of the next civ??


I hope they would come sooner


Possibly I am not only one who thinks the major adventage of AOE compared to other similar games is number of civilizations and they can earn money by selling new content dlcs. we need more civs!

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I bet that the pattern will be two civilizations each year, so the rhythm of the patches has been that we have witnessed.