3 civil need to improve

don’t think I like that. Heavy Camel is very useful against Cavalry civs. I think the civ is fine as it is. Chinese are super strong civ.

It’s seems super random. Guys, Chinese is a top civ. Not noob friendly, but top civ


For the love of God, Chinese don’t need buff, they need a nerf


Only way to make adding Bloodlines to Byzantines not broken is to remove Iron Casting from them, maybe Forging too. :smiley:

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would also necessitate a nerf to cataphract health as well.

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Or remove Plate Branding armor. Still a big buff until imp.

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removing plate barding from a defensive civ seems a bit…contradictory.


Maybe cheaper Camel with bloodlines compensate that. Koreans is also a defensive civ and they don’t have plate barding either.
Anyway I don’t think Byzantines need any change. Maybe a monk tech like Sanctity or Fervor free or something that small.

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Korean don’t have a cav UU tho.

Also Byz are a strong monk rush civ and they can even perform a fast imp monk+treb strategy on Arena, giving them free monk stuff on top of that would be dumb.

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I afraid removing iron casting isnt that useful, as their camel play will be sick with bloodline…
Removing forging is way too crazy LOL

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I see no, they are need more thing from expensive arrcher, compare to other uniq archer civil×(¶ special mayian). Paper money is long idea delete it I high compreciate your reply. About chinese + 50 food dont make they stronger, just moorre standard start for they, unfair start for china. Byzan cheap camel but not ok for they when lost2 tech important +4 damagge, hp and they not get much think in imperial age

Chinese are already one of the strongest civs in the game, and yes 50 food would make them stronger as they would be able to make villagers right away.


I understands your idea, but, but 6 vill from start not make they better a lot of time they slower develop compare other civil.

except it does make them better, they are one of the best civs in the game. yeah they only end up like 1 villager ahead, but they also have 3 extra villagers gathering resources right from the start of the game.

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Ya definitely mangudai can run away, but boyar definitely on top at that stage in 6th

I also didnt understand. But think abt the whole flow.
U got 3 extra villager, did a loom, idle 25 secs and still have 1 extra villager. By the time opponent does loom, u have 2 extra villagers (ideal case). For feudal case 2 extra villagers are almost 10% better econ. Sure chinese is a pain to control from start, but it worths. Even if u idle for 50s, still u got the loom lead. If idle for even longer, its poor play

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its not just about running away. mangudai are less likely to take damage because they are ranged units. pure and simple.

just like in a role playing game - who is more likely to be attacked, the warrior, or the ranged damage dealer?

also - wrong thread.

As others said before, Chinese are already very strong. They are not suposed to be noob or beginer friendly.
Byzantines recieving bloodlines would need to recieve a nerf for the Cataphract base hp.
For the vietnamese, rattan is on a very comfortable position, dont think it needs any changes .And about paper money,i gave an idea on this topic: Civilizations buffs/changes and some bug fixes

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Rattan really need improve, they are not payback to price create a archer, still shoot delay less than other archer. :joy:.
Byzantine if it ok, it better for chosen from stable way.
China they lost 1 vill compare with other civil make they poor way to play, specials was noob and normal player

Dude there are other stats on a unit than frame delay.


but they are still get delay shoot and high price together