3DBee has been disqualified from RBWLOLO?

Well you seem to be implying that his stream somehow is evidence he didn’t (being a great player means nothing in regards to likely hood to cheat, see every sport ever in history). Or the fact that the final event is a LAN is relevant (they get paid just for making it even if they get last place at the event).

We don’t even know if bug abuse is the reason or if map hacking is.

Really? Bringing up that he’s Russian? You think there’s some conspiracy to ban him because of that? There’s literally another Russian in the event (Vinchester). It even says Russia on his banner.

If they wanted to ban Russians from the event they could just say so and be done with it. It wouldn’t be an unreasonable stance for them to take at all right now.

History also teaches us that innocent people regularly are wrongfully convicted of crimes. In fact, it is so difficult to litigate specific crimes that history teaches us that doing so on a video game forum rarely uncovers the truth.

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You’re reading into my statements ideas i have not put there? I encourage you go reread my takes… simply, no i didnt say anything you just claimed.

I egotistical like that!! That it bothers me when I’m misunderstood. So i will further elaborate.

3DBees current twitch.tv streams ONLY demonstrates that he, 3DBee, has pro level skills. THAT IS IT!!! PERIOD.

I, SHNEIDER177, Extrapolated from this demonstration of pro aoe4 skill the LIKELY reasons he would DESIRE to cheat?! And I within my limited reasoning abilites and info found the scheme wanting!! Along with the shroud of administration secrecy PECULIAR!!!


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Yea thats the bane of shooters. And he was using i believe a 3 party gadget in his off hand.
And he was monitored i believe in the final match after other teams reported suspicious activity to the referees.

In this case particularly i just follow what happens.

By the way is there info on the apeal.?

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In any sport if a player is disqualified for cheating the organizers will give the reason and will share proof, always ! You can’t call this a eSports of there is no transparency, period.

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Tell me 1 game from the E-Sports scene that shows their detection methods for hackers to take advantage of.

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I think it would help if they revealed the specific hacks bee is supposed to have used. Like the wall scan, maybe also mods that allow him to see deer patches. But I think it is very well possible that they either do not have the tools to prove it (hence they asked other pro players for their opinions) or they do not want to talk about it in fear of exposing bugs/exploits to a wider part of the playerbase.

I’m 100% sure they don’t have anything more than “suspicious play” examples, which were mentioned by other players and were explained by Bee from his point of view on the stream.

And there is no some evil conspiracy reason they banned him. I see it as there are just unprofessional people in the charge of the tournament.

Dota2. Starting from solo322 and some “macros” cheating in TI qualifications.

Forgive my ignorance, but those detections could only be made by the organization with some detection system or even a random viewer could notice?

They have no incentive to ban a popular player from the tournament. It only hurts them.

Betting case - not ingame case(google), and we liturally learn almost every detail, how, who and when.
Macroses - can be noticed inside the game, cause Dota has superior QoL of replays and UI.

In both cases, you can take advantage of known “details”:
Ask second friend to place a bet(not your closet ones).
Randomize delay timing in Macros.

It would be enough, if would say “Our technical tools showed that he used cheats”.
That’s it, no details, but say directly, that technical tools were used.

But they do not do it. Why?
Cause (i believe) there are no evidence, except pro’s and admin’s opinion.

about the tool

check the “tool” (i believe) they have ==ingame timings, like aoe4world

Beastyqt's Game – AoE4 World

ZERO speculation of what tool it is

we(forum) discussed low graphics, and 200 pop limit → every second expert said “it cause some ■■■■”
we discussed zoom → every expert: “technical issues”

here: ZERO opinions, what tool it can possibly be, just “they have tool”(cause Beasty said so)

Did he write otherwise? He did not.

And you can partly reverse this logic to the player.

Did Bee really need to maphack? Why? To win 300$ a few times and do not train during qualifications?
The payment delayed anyway. It’s obvious he would get a slot either way. (after his farming ladder points - it’s super obvious).
**partly cause he get some $ (a small part from LAN event) and he looses opportunity to train his skills on tournament.

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Ah I misread what he’s trying to say (to be fair it is not written well or clearly).

Yes, but if it is a gambling case, it is even a crime and showing the evidence is not going to make cheaters take advantage of it. I think it is not the same case.

I gave example with macros.
Almost every game somehow logs actions and timings and it available via console. Somehow it’s not the problem for good games to provide this info.

It reminds me the zoom situation. People were protecting devs with statements “zoom impossible cause hardware etc”. But in the end, devs added zoom, and showed that, it’s possible.

I do not ask to “specific” details, but it’s enough if they just admit that they have tools.
No need in specific information.
In your logic, if no details are given it will be impossible for hackers to take advantage from the situation. So it shall satisfy us all.


One of the things that bothers me the most is that we don’t even know which rule Bee broke and that’s very unfair. How can anyone defend themselves if they don’t even know what they’re being accused of? This detail could be said by the organizers without putting anything at risk. Much of the AOE4 community is drawing conclusions based solely on the assumptions of other professional players who would compete AGAINST Bee. None of this seems reasonable to me.


Well if Bee did cheat then he knows it and knows which rule he broke. We also only have his word that they didn’t tell him.

It’s really based on the tournament organizers. They are the ones who banned Bee. Not other pros. People keep focusing on comments from other players when it’s irrelevant.

The tournament admins gain nothing by banning Bee. They had no incentive whatsoever to do so. He was a popular player that people enjoyed watching. Banning him only hurts them. So you can assume at the very least that they believe he cheated.

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They “believed” he cheated thus banned him. So the organizers/game makers are perfect human beings and we should 100% trust them?

I didn’t say that did I?

However, IF they have sufficient evidence as they claim then it should be pretty obvious to them that Bee cheated. If they don’t then why lie about it?

If Beasty with others watched 10h-20h of Bee gameplay and said “85% sure he cheated”.
Is it sufficient or not?

I mean, why everyone so obsessed with idea "they have any technical expertise? Cause Beasty said it?
No info from RB or admins.