🧙 894 Classic Taunts Update

I republished 894 Classic Taunts here: https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/1987/

It’s the old taunt pack from Voobly, converted and organized.
I found the mp3’s here: https://www.voobly.com/gamemods/mod/174/999-Taunts

I’m open to replacing #940 - #984 if you have any good recommendations.
Let me know what you think.

If you’re having trouble with the in-game mod browser you can download this mod from here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/odovp3az7xux3d0/894_Classic_Taunts_Pack.zip/file
If you do, be sure to extract it to C:\Users\username\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\steamid64\mods\local\

Edit: Here are some index files you can alt tab to and search through while in game.
894 Classic Taunts List.txt (48.8 KB)
894 Classic Taunts List csv.txt (49.3 KB)

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Something appears wrong with the file upload so here is a zip with the taunt lists in txt and csv format.

Here is the updated files after I re-encoded with vorbis: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cclb5a4v8zy1fe/999_%28894%29_Classic_Taunts_Pack.zip/file

So I remember for next update, I’d like to add:
FPS Doug - Fkn lagging POS!
Angry Beavers - Daggit - That was Nuts!
Invader Sim, especially Grr
Happy Gilmore - Jackass!
Happy Gilmore - I eat pieces of sht like you for breakfast
Happy Gilmore - You eat pieces of sht for breakfast?
Rick - Your Boo’s mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer.
Bill Cosby
Snow White Dwarves - Hi Ho
Pulp Fiction - Please would be nice

hi MerlinMadHat,

idk why the mod doesnt work for me :frowning:

dont u need to mod the taunts.bnk file in …\wwise\en ?

@MerlinMadHat This is a great mod, me and a few friends use it.

One of the issues i have is remembering all the taunts. I’ve written a small programme that ripped the taunts from the mod description page and put them into a CSV file.

This also split the character into a seperate notes column, making it easier to distinguish the character from the taunt text.

The idea behind this is to make it easier for people to have it on a second screen, or even print.

Would you be open to linking to this on Github or similar? That way, people can download and use the taunt guide as they wish.

Taunt guide linked to below.

P.s. I had to redefine a few of the taunt texts (replace some - characters etc. I also added character references for some taunts that I knew of.

No, just need to add wem files to the right directory.
Works for me and noone else is complaining.

yes i read later that it should work like that but why doesnt it work with me ? T_T the taunts 1-105 work but then nothing! it looks like a taunt, since it doesnt add a / in the beginning. but there is no sound ? the game is set in english, too! :frowning:

Bizarre :confused:
Got me stumped on that one.
If I think of anything I’ll post it.

Here is my worksheet before I shortened the file names to avoid a bug.
I suppose I should have posted it earlier.
It has most sources and voices labeled. Took some time to figure out what I could.

I use the text file as reference while in game.
894 Classic Taunts List.txt (48.8 KB)

I’ll attach a csv too in case anyone wants to sort. Just change the extension from .txt to .csv
894 Classic Taunts List csv.txt (49.3 KB)

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Hi, Maybe a stupid question but we have downloaded these through the mod manager in DE, they come up in the taunt list in game but we cannot here any of the audio. Any ideas?

I’m looking into this now. I wasn’t having any problems so I tried removing mine and resubscribing, now I cannot hear them anymore.

I just had to close the game and reopen it. I hear them now.

i reinstalled the game, unsubscribed all the mods and resubscribed ur mod. still, doesnt work :frowning: as i said: taunts 1-105 (the normal mods) work… then, when i type for example 123 it says 123 as if it was a taunt but no sound. when i write 1234 it says /1234 because no taunt… i really got no idea

I wonder if there is a weird character in your windows username, or if you installed in a non-default path, this has been causing various bugs in the game.

My username is PeachAR3341, and the game path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE

now funny thing, i enabled the taunts text. it even shows me them correctly but no sound after the original 105 taunts.

Do any other taunt mods work?
Maybe try unsubscribing, close game, deleting mod folder, open game, resubscribe?

Maybe download it manually and add it to the local mods folder?
Many people seem to have bugs with the mods interface in general, but it’s weird that it is partially working for you, indicates it’s in the right directory and the files exist with no errors, unless the files exist but are blank or something.
Maybe an audio driver or codec issue?

It behaves this way for me on initial install until I close the game and reopen it. I am launching from steam. Perhaps whatever is fixed by closing and reopening is being skipped on yours.

i tryed another taunt mod, “500 selected taunts” and that one worked. :-/

i also tryed downloding it manually but that didnt change anything. also, i restarted the game several times …

its really strange

try deleting the mod folder?
C:\Users\username\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE##steamid#\mods
I think it gets corrupted or out of sync with the .json or something

i deleted it and re-downloaded it several times too…