Add Jacobite rebellion to British and Scottish General post

It would be interesting to represent the Scottish War in AoE3, especially when Prince Bonnie led the Scottish army and Jacobite rebellion against British.

I have played so many games and only rebelled once, so I can only talk about the history of Scotland, but I know that Prince Bonnie may have been the leader of Jacobite rebellion.

Scotland is different from its homeland, and can enter town centers and spend coins to resurrect, which will be very interesting.

I hope to learn more about what to offer, but all I have is a detailed idea for Scottish General Post

I’m pretty sure I saw you posting this exact same topic a few weeks ago


Yup. Could all kinda be in a ‘Civ/Rev Concept: Scottish’ parent thread…


Yup,I persuade Devs has possible to Scottish Add Britain Civ and new DLC

I could also see this as a royal house, the Stuarts present in Ireland, Scotland and other British maps. Maybe we could get Lochaber Axes, Frame Guns and Targeteers/Caterans.

However, for Scottish units we could more realistically get new mercenaries in the DLC as well. The Gallowglass could be a heavy infantryman, the Redshank could be like an Azap mercenary and the Border Reiver could be a new lancer/hussar or Dragoon/Chevauléger mercenary.


Posting it time and time and time again won’t make it happen.


Yeah, spamming threads all about the same topic by the same author doesn’t seem great. Just make a “Scottish General Post” and put it all in there probably.

I could see Scottish Royal Houses or Mercs, but I don’t think they’d be added as a civ. After Poland and Denmark are added I think they will need to leave Europe for any future DLCs, and I’m not sure support (DLCs and or significant updates) will last long enough to come back to Europe again.


Alternatively, this could be added as a Scottish revolution.


Britain does need a better revolt than Haiti, but I think Ireland would be better for that.
There could be many Scottish references in British cards from the Jacobite’s, the Covenanters, Highlands regiments and even the highland clearances. But I’m not sure if the Jacobite’s should be a full revolution. Though Jacobite units would be cool to see


What do you mean we won’t get every single polity from the HRGE in the game?

The game wont be complete until the Swiss, Monegasques, Andorrans, Luxemburgers Sammarinese and Andorrans are in the game.


I would be delighted if the only problem with DLCs was regular repeating the same continent.

Greetings to the knowledgeable ones :wink:


Okay, I shouldn’t have posted again and again. This is the last chance to post, :face_exhaling:I am posting because they support adding Scottish units to the new DLC

You forgot Lisbonians, Kartvelians, Cornish, Athenians, and many others
This game won’t be complete until we have 1000 Euro civs /s

Then maybe the devs could think of a fourth Asian civ, but clearly Asians are overrepresented in this game


I’m not joking. Monaco would be a great civ. They could even have a unique skirmisher based off of a Carabineer of foot regiment (Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince) and a casino unique building that siphons your opponents resources due to gambling.
This is much more relevant than Persia or Morocco and West Asian/Caucasian maps./s


No you don’t get it, we need one map for every single country in the British isles, while the Caucasus is relegated to being represented by a single map that doesn’t even have any minor civ or merc actually native to the region./ssssss

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They should at least have a Georgia, Armenia, Circassia and a Dagestan map and some for Turkey. At least give maps for Civs that are already represented. And Caucasian/Anatolian maps shouldn’t be european, but West-Asian and use new Ethnoreligion minor civ system. This works well for Western Asia as many ethnic groups have religious natures.


I’ve said this multiple times, but I hate Holy Sites and the general religious focus of Asian civs.


I agree with the Asian thing, however it is a bit different if your minor civ is Druze, Maronite, Syriac, or Alawite, though. These are all ethnic groups, but their ethnicity is their religion. Even Armenians are basically an ethnoreligious group, following Armenian orthodoxy. It’s less mystical and stereotyped and more fragmented along Christian/Muslim and tribal identity line.

Here is an example: Category:Ethnic groups in Lebanon - Wikipedia

Native populations include Maronites, Melkites, Druze, Antiochian Greek Christians/Rūm and Syrians/Assyrians. I’m thinking we go with a village system based around ethnoreligious groups for any potential west Asian maps minor civs.

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Developer has Now Support more Scottish units Incoming New DLC is for Denmark and Poland to Late2024 years