Age IV Roadmap Discussion

Hey y’all, with the roadmap now live we would love to know what the community thinks. Is there any feature you would like more information on, what suggestions to do you have, and your overall thoughts and feelings about where Age IV is heading!

You can read more about what’s coming up here:


Sounds promising. I hope we still get a patch in December bc we didn’t get anything (but a bug fix) in November.

I’ll also be glad to hear more bout the landmark changes.

Based on the survey questions we asked, my desire for more hotkeys seems far off.

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wish we could get ui mod support and map filters having the mini map be larger is nice but aoe2’s map filters are amazing.


since they mentioned Landmark, reaching 500 points with Rus is impossible, 60 seconds for each deer is long, please reduce the time or reduce the 500 points, thanks

Landmark rejig is great news. There are certain landmarks that never get used, and they need to be reworked to make them attractive. Ideally in the game, every age up choice would be a viable path. The English feudal age up especially is egregious. I have literally never seen anyone choose the Abbey of Kings. Personal suggestion, feel free to ignore this section- if the Abbey could be destroyed and rebuilt at a different location, it would be a viable option. Currently it is a first landmark which would be built close to the town center, which makes no sense in late game as to it's purpose of healing units. No one needs to heal freshly minted units. An Abbey that could be destroyed and rebuilt at the frontlines would be a game changer for the English. (So basically similar to the Kurultai, but instead of being packed and moved, it requires to be destroyed from it's current location and rebuilt elsewhere, consuming resources equal to another age up).

I read on reddit that the nomad mode would not apply to quick match. That it would only apply to custom and skirmish. This is unecessary because custom and skirmish already have mods/tuning packs to enable nomad. What we need is the option for nomad in quick match. Maybe there could be a 25% chance of a quick match being nomad instead of settled. Or maybe it could be linked to certain maps on quick match, like megarandom or altai or one of the other plain maps like praire/wetlands/arabia/lipany.

There are no new civs announced. That is fine. I still enjoy the Malians and Ottomans. I would rather have a couple of well designed civs with novel mechanics after 6 months than half arsed civs next season. (Please be Cholas or Vijayanagara :pray:) We need civs that are novel and freshly designed and not mere derivatives of existing civ mechanics (and dear Devs, you have succeeded in this objective so far :heart_eyes:).

AOE 4 on Xbox - This can’t come soon enough!

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Kremlin needs to come with free pro scouts and be a touch cheaper to build (360f 180g). So you’ll get a niche building that falls off in relevance but has a decent early power spike.

Scenario 1: mid map boar; bring 8 villagers to drop down Kremlin at edge of boar aggro radius to prevent from enemy scout killing your builders. Use Kremlin and villagers to kill boar. Meanwhile your 3 scouts go bring back deer carcasses to the Kremlin or your TC. Feudal all in or fast castle.

OR Kremlin is cheaper to build (360f 180g) but has a bonus of 10% wood gathering (30% total) and has a huge buff radius AND grants all wooden fortresses plus 5% wood gathering.

Scenario 2: build Kremlin near woodline (if you’re lucky the aura covers both starting woodlines). Build infinite archer ram push every game GG.

French trade landmak now gives french access to faster traders (40% faster) and with 2/2 armor. But the 30% extra gold buff at the landmark now becomes 15% extra gold at all markets. That’s an effective 161% of standard trade plus armor. And having speed means your traders will be a touch more elusive.

The English healing landmark now extends the same healing effect and mechanic to towers and keeps. Units need to be out of combat. This would allow the longevity of this landmark to out-do the archer landmark.


So 2023 still no reconnect, no choose position, no anti drop hack or. Fall down!!! Maybe waiting for AOM reborn haha

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Please stop using wording like

As well, we’re bringing a new Garrison UI that allows you to see the building info panel while units are garrisoned, an item we’ve seen much-requested by the community!

You make it seem like a new feature that we should be excited and grateful for, when it’s just an interface fix that any self-respecting game would have addressed before launch.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that these things are finally getting addressed, but the road map looks pretty bare-bones when you look past all these misrepresented feature implementations that are just overdue bug fixes.

I would really like to see this webpage utilized properly and more frequently:

This is the kind of road-map that would be worth spending time on, showing the community that you’re paying attention and documenting bugs, where it is on a priority list, and how close to fixed.

New bugs are reported every day yet only 1% get documented on the official known issues page.

  1. Improvements to the Chat Delay! (Season 4) - is such a useless thing to focus on…
    We have many other ways to communicate…

Just use discord! Who uses this horrible in-game chat??? That person is in the 10th century…

Instead, we need a complete UI overhaul. The current UI is horrible!!!

The game is still in BETA…

AOM is developed by Relic?
If so, do not expect an improved version xD

Totally sure not. World’s Edge studio for it.

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I hope it is better than AOE4.
If so, I will never and ever come back to AOE4 xD

What i would like to see?

  1. more content for SP. every patches and updates seems more focues on multiplayer and E-sport and i’m really tired about that. So, more campaigns, missions, new modes, mercenaries etc. You should take inspiration by AOE3DE;

  2. a world map conquest. Relic Is already working on It for COH3. It could be a very strong feature many many people.

  1. graphic updates like a proper DLC with new textures for models, water, Buildings and with new animations. Also a Blood and gore DLC would be very appreciated.

AOE4 Is a good game but not what many people were waiting for and also Phil Spencer said that there were many expectations about graphic. So, After One year, you should start to think also t’ho this aspect, imho.

  1. Most important thing to change for AOE 4 next year is the ability to customize the HUD and perhaps even add different accents per civ just like how it is in both AOE 2 DE and AOE 3 DE. The modern minimalistic blue accent is absurd and it gets bland without other customization options.

  2. The ability to track the progress of masteries and events in-game just like in AOE 3 DE. Like am I able to finish the event in the current game or do I have to play more to achieve the rewards.

  3. The Tech Tree needs a massive overhaul in terms of visual clarity and more advanced tooltips required. The handcannonee bug is still there with the letter r below it. It looks very unprofessional after 3 seasons, the word is still not fixed. It should have been in horizontal layout not vertical.

  4. The Chat revamp should be global so we can talk or socialize with other players around the world. This one has its pros and cons but much better than a lifeless chatbox.

  5. Submit a Bug feature should be added besides community socials for easy reporting

  6. The Survey feedback should not be in low vision mode when clicking the survey in-game and redirected to the user’s browser.

  7. Before adding new civs, I hope the devs consider adding more single campaigns alongside the new civs. It seems that the game will only have those 4 campaigns due to the extreme resources pooled on the documentaries.

  8. Nomad is great for some players but why not implement a true co-op mode similar to Starcraft 2 that can entice a battlefield for players who wants to go beyond single-player and before ranked matches.

  9. Players can’t still view other’s equipped monuments, currently you can only see your own monument not others.



civ masteries are so good idea,

so I do not understand, why there are no progress tracking In mission already

Aside of this, the AoE4 needs proper scenario editor like in previous AoE games


Game needs a guard/follow unit command.


AoE3 unit stances and commands would be better


We’re also making some UI-specific improvements to both the Minimap and Garrison interfaces . Starting in Season Four, you’ll will have the ability to resize your minimap to one of the following options: 100% (default), 125% and 150%. As well, we’re bringing a new Garrison UI that allows you to see the building info panel while units are garrisoned, an item we’ve seen much-requested by the community!