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Persians cuz I’m from Iran


Always liked reking the enemy with Phoenician Legions :slight_smile:


Always gotta go with those elephants. Persians everytime


Babylonians smiley:


Greeks <3


Age of Empires 2 was absolutely my favorite and I recently bought the remastered HD edition. I usually play as the Romans and destroy. Can’t wait for the new version!


My favorite civilization from the first game was the Greeks, but when the expansion came out my favorite civilization was the Romans because what we do in life echoes in eternity!


Definitely the Persians for sure! War Elephants!


Persians were always my go to civilisation thanks to the War Elephant perks. I remember playing with the rules ‘no priest & no battle for first hour’, made for some epic turtle games with huge armies with intense battles. Watching my War Elephants stomp through the land was always a delight!


That’s really a difficult question. There are many details to think about.

  • I think I would pick Egyptians, because they will always have a special place in my heart since I learnt this game with their step by step progress in “Ascent of Egypt”.
  • No, I think Greeks will be a better answer, because I can’t imagine ancient ages without Greeks and their glorious past – and their Hoplites of course.
  • Or I should probably say Babylonians, since their voices are still ringing in my ears.
  • Assyrians with their fast villagers also sounds nice. So I could build Nineveh in my imagination and lead them to a quick victory.
  • But I always admire sea people, so playing as Minoans would be enjoyable like always. I will have a limited time until Thera though.
  • Why don’t I just pick Hittites? When again will I have chance to play as an ancient Asia Minor civilization?
  • Something tells me that Phoenicians could be a better option to crush all these enemies, with their lower cost elephants.
  • I guess not any other would be more enjoyable than ruling as Sumerians, the culture who invented the wheel, writings, and mathematics (oh wait)…
  • Or the Persians, who are all time famous with their power comes from elephants. Who needs the Academy after all?
  • When I think about Shang Dynasty, it feels like I will be safe from all these threats, thanks to their strong walls. Maybe my walls can also be seen from the space.
  • On the other hand, Yamato Dynasty is the first noteworthy culture represents Japan of the Rising Sun. And there will be enough of enemy units to be assasinated in entire match.
  • But Choson is a great choice for defensive gameplay with their additional tower range. And maybe this time I can figure out why isn’t it called Joseon.
  • Oh I shouldn’t forget that RoR is installed too. So, what about Romans? Do I even need a reason, Brutus?
  • Or maybe playing as Carthaginians and capturing Rome finally? Who wouldn’t like to lead an army of elephants through the Alps and making Hannibal’s dream real?
  • But how can I forget about the Palmyrans and the loyalty of Odaenathus, the King of Kings in the East. Or Zenobia, the Queen of Vengeance in the East.
  • Playing as Macedonians is also enjoyable, since “Wollolo” will not be anything to be worried about. Alexander’s spirit will be enough anyway.

Well, I give up on this dilemma. What I pick is Random


Phoenicians all day _


Greeks!!! Always! Saludos desde Colombia!


Carthaginians, any day :slight_smile:



From 1997 till was removed, I played the trial version as that’s where my friends and I all played.

In trial, we all played Roman civ. I have since moved to Full Version and mastered all civs but I will hands down choose Roman over them all (Chosen is #2)

Long live AoE and THANK YOU for making Definitive Edition. Heart winking face lol


Phonicians all the way!! Couldn’t get enough of the naval warfare. Thouroughly enjoyed maxing out my ships then kicking some ass on those towers and finally getting passed the towers and the walled defense and just overwellming the enemy with firepower for the win.


Rome rocks!! I’m looking forward to play as a Roman in AOE Definitive Edition :smiley:


Greeks all the way!


Egyptians! Because I used to pick them every time when I was little!


Carthaginians FTW


I have always liked to play the Babylonians.