Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Getting Return of Rome DLC

Tamar the Great was a famous queen of Georgia who led campaigns against her Muslim neighbors and also ended up fighting the Byzantine Empire. Ashot I was a major, early king of Armenia who greatly expanded the territory of Armenia, basically making it a power in its own right.


Yeah,her helps to the Comneno Dynasty after their fall for the Sack of Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade and expands the Georgian frontiers against the Sultanate of Rum (Turks),the Ayyubids (Sarracens) and the Persians…

True but you know full well that he means ethnicity

this weird discussion about ethnicities etc. needs to end now, pleas keep focused on the content of the original post.


As far as my layman knowledge goes, the Huns (who are most likely descendants of the Xiongnu, as some recent evidence suggests), much like the Xiongnu themselves, were probably a mix of peoples related to the turks and mongols (I don’t want to say they were straight up turkic or mongolic because there are some people like the khitans who were not mongolic however were related to the mongols), but that is more of an educated guess since we have very little evidence. They also might as well have been mostly turkic, mongolic, or something else entirely. In the game the Huns speak mongolian because is one of the “least wrong” options.

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